HELP -- Need Advice on my Trials


Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatu,

I need some advice brothers and sisters.
Right now I'm going through a difficult and stressful time right now and I need some guidance and comfort.
I just need someone to please help me or show some light/guidelines that can help me.

Jazakallah Khair to anyone that answers and please keep me in your duas.


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Depends on our intentions. If you really want to reform than following the deen becomes easy. What will really help you is keeping the company of the pious. If you want to change than get in touch with the local masjid in your area. Go for a few days in jamaat, this will be very useful. If you can than take baait with a pious ulema.
Reading books on deen will definitely help you.
Reformation is easy for one with strong intention.


to Allah we belong
wa alaikum salaam,

Prophet (peace be upon him) said: "Islam began as something strange; and it will return as something strange. Paradise is for the Strangers." His companions (ra) then asked: ‘who are the Strangers, oh Rasool-Allah?’ He (saw) replied: 'Those who forbid the evil when the people become corrupted.'"

brother, try to be Quran's translation, few Hadiths, meet good muslims in masjid, ponder over life after death...grave/judgment day/ paradise-hell...even for few mins daily. and duas duas of course...its a believers powerful weapon.

may Allah help u.


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AssalamualaikumnBrother... you should understand the punishment for this abhorrent sin..... please look out for it... and don't think that u are not able to control urself... this will help shaitaan to tease u in this matter.... Guard urself by reading more and more Quran and Ayatal Kursi and don't leave urself alone fr a moment because this helps shaitaan...
A piece of adbice... Wake up and pray tahajjud in the last part of night and make a sincere repentence... Allah (Subhanahu wa ta'la) is most forgiving....and look out to make some Muslim friends which may help u.....


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Assalaamu Alaikum,

Ensure you are regular to the 5 times prayer. It will work out for you too.

The phrase 'friend' is loosely used. If someone calls you a friend just because of similarity in not soo desired habits, you escape yourself from the trap of their influence. A friendly person, is 'friend'able. So, you be friendly. And remember - 'A friend in your need is a friend indeed'.

A child thats growing up faces challenges, yet still overcomes it most often, and learns to walk, talk, smile, laugh , even cry, get angry, learns to like some food and hate other, leans to throw tantrums, learns to like academics/sports or combination or none, it goes on and on. Not all kids are exposed to responsibilities and to the big bad world outside, Thanks to the caring parents/guardians and to the community/nation of the child. And as the child grows up, it becomes teenage then a young person - Every successful person (in duniya in general and deen in particular), at some stage a child, goes through the teenage phase. In this era teenage is exposed - to freedom (a misunderstood notion), responsibilities and to a world of possibilities(good and bad). The body is exposed to adulthood, the child's mind and intellect is exposed to grown up world. Unfortunately, we are in a environment, which first tries to exploit the weakest phase, the teenage, its temptations and teenage world view ( in its nascent undeveloped stage)... This phase is the most important phase, Avoid the minefields, use it wisely.

There are sensible, level headed and patient ones, if you look around carefully am sure, you will many who are very successful in focusing on growing up and resisting the temporary phase, they end up successful in the duniya(here, life on earth) and those firm on their intentions and imaan, strengthen their possibility of success in hereafter. May Allah include each of the ummah in this category..Ameen. There is a good similarity between the teenage phase and the temporary testing phase called life on earth. Focus, look at the right side, ignore the temporary phase, the deen will gain depth, turn to Almighty ... Insha Allah.

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How about spending time on improving personality?

Hope this helps too ... 30 ways the youth should spend everyday of their lives!
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We all know how uncertain life is and most of us may directly or indirectly know of young people who have passed away. Knowing this fact then what is it that is fooling us into thinking that we may not be next? What is stopping us from thinking that the next grave to be filled is not ours?
The youth will come and go and if we waste it then we will regret it forever without a doubt. This is the best time to gain god habits. This is the best time to go closer to Allah! There is no time like the present and there may not be anytime left for us to see tomorrow. So now is the time we have to make the changes before it’s too late!

This life is just a test and we are on a short journey here to our final and ultimate destination which is the hereafter. Hereafter is for eternity and this life is but a few short hours so what should we work for?
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Jazaaka Allaahu Khairan