Hi to all


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Hi and:salam2:
My name is Nazleen and from Mauritius.:SMILY206::SMILY252:
It's really warm and comfortable to be here with my muslim sisters and brothers.
TTI is a great site especially for us, muslims as well as non- muslims as well.
Some topics are veryyyyyy interessant and believe me i have learn a lot about islam and other relevant topics
I also like to read" the convert's story " and i found some amazing stories here really
KEEP IT UP.:hearts:


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wa'alaikumussalam warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

Welcome to the family of TTI Mauritius sister. Please do not hesitate to start new threads, post in existing threads and/or asking any question(s) that may arise.

By the way, your country is like mine. :)

wassalam 'alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh


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Cool really

Salam to all my bro and sis here
Oh thank you, thank you a lot all of you here.:SMILY139:
I was touched really by your warm welcome and your kind words
I would do it a must to spend my precious time on TTI
I used to be on islamonline.net also and am a regular poster also there

We are a great family here also.
Etoile de mer, ah bon tu es mauricien,.
Moi aussi mais a present je suis en Singapore.
mais je me considere toujours mauricienne et je suis fiere de l'etre.
Hope to hear from you also.


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Welcome to TTI family dear sis =)
hope you have an awesome time here ;)
Insha'Allah,you will enjoying to increase your knowledge and your time from here



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true, the site is very warm and friendly!! Mashallah, the new muslims who post their stories give it such an accepting and open feeling. :)


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salam alikoum wa rahmatu Allhi wa barakatuh

a warm welcome sister
sois la bienvenue chez ta deuxième famille soeur
je suis certaine que tu vas passer d'agréables moments antre tes frères et soeurs.
salam alikoum