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Hello to everyone,

sorry if this topic has been brought up before...but i have a question regarding wearing the hijab and working as a teacher in the USA...i know that it is forbidden for example in france to wear the hijab in schools for both the students and teachers, but what about in the USA? i am assuming that there is no law in the US like the one in france? i am american, although i am working in a french school this year, i will be moving back to america at the end of the year, and most likely working as a teacher again.

I am very interested in hearing everyone's experience with the hijab in american public schools! :girl3:


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I am not aware of anything sis but I suppose it would be worth speaking to the school in question about this matter. Each state has its own rules.

Sorry I couldnt be much help



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Assalamu alaykum...

here in U.S. i don't think there is no law against it. But the amount of trouble you may have depends on the state you are in. Here where i live, we have a substitue teacher who is a Muslim and wears her Hijab and nobody bothers her alhamdulillah.

So there is no law against it... but diff areas may give u trouble.



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assalam alaikum Sister,

I am not an American citizen but I have some family that lives in the US and as far as I know there are no restrictions on teachers wearing hijab or the students either. I would of course, check with the American embassy in France or other body that can provide sound info. One thing though is that I am not familiar with anyone that I know who wears niqab and teaches, and as someone mentioned above it is likely that depending on the state that you are in you may get different treatment. Also, I find that in many cases larger cities are more receptive and diverse, however, at the same time, while you could face challenges in smaller communities wearing hijab provides the students with the opportunity to ask questions and potentially even give dawaah (although of course you can't exactly go around preaching to your students) just by putting a good face for what real Muslims are like is in itself an opportunity for dawaah. Inshallah my sister is becoming a teacher, please make duaa, and she feels the same way. But you know sis, I'm from Canada, and I am certain of many schools here that have teachers wearing hijab and even there are many Islamic schools as well. Maybe you should move here:)


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No one can take my hijab off


I am in an American public school in NY, and honostly i never had a problem with wearing the Hijab in school.
Yes many people did ask me why i wear it and is it comfortable.
I also had a couple of non-muslim girls ask me to teach them how to wear it. They say that it looks interesting and since i wear it without a care what others say it must mean alot.
Most of the students in my school have alot of respect for me and for my religion and even teachers.
There isnt a law in american that forbids the wearing of a scarf but if they do come up with one, it wont be followed because we will never take it off. We will stand up for it and never allow anyone to tell us to take it off no matter what.


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I have come across some teachers in the american school system wearing hijabs so i don't think it is illegal. May allah give you strength to make the right decision. AMEEN.


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:salah: Salem Alikoum all sisters and brothers in Islam... There is no in fact to see a law in a non-muslims country that bans Wearing Hijab at schools or at work, yet the greatest worry of all is to see women and girls who are in fact muslims and do wonder and sway in mid-street in tights or' jeans... This is what especially I have seen in a muslim-country or pretend to be as such. As I was traveling in Tunisia... I saw few women and girls wearing Hijab or half of it... I don't know whether it's banned by law or by inner-conviction???!! I hardly heard the Athan as well, I thought myself I were in mid-Europe!!! so strange... As one Imam said once... Islam is a stranger in its own home?! I Ask Allah to keep us on the right path...ameen ..meet you all in paradise. Pray for me.
Salem alaikom and Eid mobarek inshaallah​


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That's really sad (about brother Sheith's comments)...Why do we make ourselves seem different than who we are really supposed to be???...We are muslims...Let's all make dua that allah returns us to the right path...AMEEN!!


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It is really sad to see the muslims living in muslim countries not dressing Islamically......Muslims on the whole no matter where they are from should be proud of they dresscode not ashamed.......it's our identity as muslims....May Allah swt keep us all the siratul mustaqeem and make it easy for all of us to dress in the proper Islamic way............


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assalam alaikum Sister

where i live it is your choice if you went to were or not. i call it freedom of choice. it is up to you to make right choice insha allahaa.:SMILY259: :


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As I was traveling in Tunisia... I saw few men and girls wearing Hijab or half of it... I don't know whether it's banned by law or by inner-conviction???!!​


In Tunisia it is forbidden by law to wear headscarf at least in public buildings and such.. but at least in some parts of the country it is applied every where and a woman wearing hijaab may be interrogated at a police station or a police may even pull of her hijab in the middle of the street, subhaanaAllaah. On the other hand, there are areas in Tunisia where you may walk with your hijaab in peace..

Not long time ago I read a statement of some Tunisian minister that hijaab is not part of their culture and women should not adopt this thing from some foreign culture - :astag:


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There's no federal or state laws against it. I have a friend who wears one and she's never had a problem with it.

However, some schools may raise an issue - especially if they're conservative - regarding rules about wearing hats or bandanas or "gang symbols". Although, I've never heard of any major issues regarding it.


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Female muslims have their own freedom to wear Hijab, those who forbidden to wear it means fight against Allah.