How did you get your username?


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I was just wondering about the strange usernames that some of us have over here and i thought it'd be fun and cool if we would share about its formation.

Here's mine ... i was trying many names that has something to do with islam while i was creating a new account at youtube for dawah purpose and tru3m0sl3m just popped on my mind and i am using it since then but no progress as far as dawah is concerned..

now your turn.

meer suhail

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oppppsssss as for me
Meer Suhail is my real name , and fortunately there arent much people with this name so its easily available user name ,

Asalam o Alykum


You stole my question :lol:

I picked 'Storm' because I like storms, they are so beautiful if you completely ignore the thunder bit. The only thing wrong with it is people think im a brother :lol:


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You stole my question :lol:

I picked 'Storm' because I like storms, they are so beautiful if you completely ignore the thunder bit. The only thing wrong with it is people think im a brother :lol:


and storm lol dont worry everyone knows now ur a sister lol

and my nick wasn't hard :D my name is shaheer and im from Pakistan ... :D the power combines to make shaheerpak (transformers music right here) LOL :D



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Well i cant remember exactly how i got my username....somehow the word mercury always popped into my head whenever i needed a username. I guess maybe after studying about mercury as a poison, its use in various equipments and the fact that i broke a thermometer once (accidently ofcourse) and seeing the slippery stuff on the floor looked cute.hehe :tongue:


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well mine is straight forward apart from people mistaking me for a brother and muslimah usernames were not availabe ohh plus now iam 19 soo its pretty irrelevant to my age now lool nice question i have always wondered about peoples usernames and hope you dawah goes well inshallah may allah reward your efforts ameen:tti_sister:

wa alaykumu salam:hijabi:


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i like be mysterious so i put letters together and got najbc( naj the first three letters of my name , b my favorite color and c favorite animal) and i want to confuse people.


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I remember not knowing what username I should use when I was gaming a few years back and I saw the book "Riyadhus As-Salihin" so I used that. How creative of me! (lol right) and the name stucked to me since. I'm a sister btw but people always mistaken me as a guy as the name probably sounded masculine..

Walaykum Salam


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My username Palestine came from the country Palestine. Ever since i could make my own choices i would dream of freeing palestine. now people mistake me for a palestinian because of my username, but hey we are all palestinians. we're with those who are suffering. whether iraqis or falastiinis or somalis or pakistanis or whatever other muslims are out there. anyhow... i watched videos of palestine and i felt deep pain for them more so than i have for any other country on earth. somehow Allah swt has put love in my heart for those people. I guess all in all it is because they are not afraid to stand up for what is right. and another amazing thing is that most of them are not fighting for the country itself but for masjid al aqsa. and that is really heartfelting and really amazing. Many of my relatives wonder why i love that country so much. and sometimes they even tease me about it saying "the next thing you know, she'll marry a palestinian". and i just shrug my shoulders and walk away. lol. all my essays are based either on peace, justice, palestine, or some muslim land that is being oppressed during that time. peace. Asalamu alaykum wrwb.


AFter reading a few replies, I got what was being asked in first post of this thead. My name comes from the city which was once called ormament of the world, Cordoba. In arabic, its called "qurtubah". So I have named myself AlQurtubi, a resident of qurtubah.

hassana elkoussi

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That's a nice thread, Well, my brother's name is Hassan, so i just added an "a" to make it sound feminine. But still so many of you here think I'm a brother. :SMILY149:


Travelling towards my grave.

This is a good thread mashaALLAH.

JazakALLAH khair brother.

Actually I am an IbnAdam (son of Adam) as like all of you brothers. However, it differs in my case as my father is also Adam. So I am a real IbnAdam. lol. That is how my nick came out. I am one of the comparatively few Ibn Ibn Adams in the world.:SMILY288:


-brother IbnAdam-