How did you get your username?


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This is a good thread mashaALLAH.

JazakALLAH khair brother.

Actually I am an IbnAdam (son of Adam) as like all of you brothers. However, it differs in my case as my father is also Adam. So I am a real IbnAdam. lol. That is how my nick came out. I am one of the comparatively few Ibn Ibn Adams in the world.:SMILY288:


-brother IbnAdam-

Lol...yeah u surely must be one of the few Ibn Ibn Adams around!!:SMILY149:


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Nice thread, Masha Allah

I always liked the name Luqman and would like to call my son, Luqman.

The 2 'nn', just liked the way it looked. The second 'n' is silent!! :laughing-dancing::laughing-dancing:



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Mine is pretty obviuos really!!!!lol
Before reverting I was mixed up so maybe I should change it to not mixed up???


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Mercury said..
Well i cant remember exactly how i got my username....somehow the word mercury always popped into my head whenever i needed a username. I guess maybe after studying about mercury as a poison, its use in various equipments and the fact that i broke a thermometer once (accidently ofcourse) and seeing the slippery stuff on the floor looked cute.hehe

lols.. thts funny :)

My first name is Noorsaba (which is almost like a combination of 2 names Noor and Saba dont ask me why is it like that ??!!!) and 2503 comes from my husband's date of birth.(25th March)


aka Tree2008
Well my username comes from a nickname some people call me which is Tree (from my real name of Theresa) and the current year. When I change my name after I do Shahada I may change my username on TTI.


You stole my question :lol:

I picked 'Storm' because I like storms, they are so beautiful if you completely ignore the thunder bit.


Thunder sounds scary a bit ,but look what Allah s.w.t., tels us about it :

Nay, thunder repeateth His praises, and so do the angels, with awe

Ar Rad 13: 13

My nickname is my real name :SMILY259:


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Asalamu alaykum,
Well, Zainab is my first name and Medina is a very important city in Saudi Arabia..i also think its a nice name.
Very boring really...i think i should try to be a little more inventive next time


*Ahem* hmm.... the only reason I got this username was because "Muhammad" was taken, this name is kool anyway:D


Subhana Allah!

hope everybody is in their best health.
i guess it's my turn now, well Zaynab is my name and while i was thinking of something to put after it, and old friend of mine randomly choose it for me. i guess she likes the 123 so now i realized that i am the third child of my family and only one is younger than me. so i like it now.



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my name is ahmed and when i was looking for an email i chose a number to be easy to find it available so i chose 3711 but am only 26 :) and i made my nick name like my email not to forget it oneday ;)



I've used this name 'Sharingan' for gaming, youtube, and other websites. I just wanted to have one user name for different sites so it is easier to remember, and less hectic.
I got this from a Japanese animation I used to watch.


All the sisters who are often confused as begin "brothers" just type Sister like Sister Storm has next to her avatar.


sister purified

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i got my username not cos im really purified(im striving to be)but cos its the english meaning for my real name (as far as i noe..)