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How To Deal With An Angry Husband


Sometimes we, for some unclear reasons get easily angry and nervous that we end up adopting this character forever and with anyone, even with our loved ones. Of course you can get treatment for this but it’s not our subject today. Today we’re going to be located in the place of those who suffer from their lovers nervousness and try to find how to deal your angry spouse of course without sacrificing your dignity.
As women, and from an islamic vision, we are more patient than men and try most of the time to calm things down rather than responding to angry hunsbands volcanos, of course not all women are like this and not all men are angry or nervous but for love we made some concessions.

This advices are based on the scenario that your husband’s anger is directed at you but there are some tips that you can follow, so for example when you see his anger flaring up, try to find whether you had any role in it.Be honest. If you did, this will require one approach but if you didn’t then your priority becomes to show him where he misunderstood you, but NOT now.

Give up hope that you can control your husband’s anger. Of course you can’t, only he can but what you can do is to control how you react to it and what it does to you.

Address his anger when he’s calm, address his irrational behavior and perhaps share one of the anger management techniques that “you learned for yourself” that will be helpful for him too.

The biggest mistake I see ladies make is that they do not clearly define what they will be willing to tolerate. Setting boundaries and making them known to your husband is one of the most effective anger management techniques around the house.

Of course this seems too harsh for a woman to handle but after being too patient and trying to avoid big fighting, when things are back to normal and after few days, you can talk about it, because if you take the abuse over and over again then you are practically training him that this is OK. Don’t tolerate this anymore, set your boundaries and throw a fit if you can to enforce them, send him into a little shock, it’s OK, this way he will think eventually about what his anger he will eventually thinks about what his anger causes and try to treat his sickness and here you are dealing and even helping treating a husband anger.

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