How to keep a clear mind ?


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:salam2: , been a guest of this forum for a while and needed some advice so I thought of making a topic here.

Okay, so I had gone astray for the past 3-4 years , not praying properly / doing alot of big sins etc , but for the past 2 weeks I decided to change my lifestyle around and repented and started to pray again. Now it was all going well, I was feeling closer to Islam and even my prayers were feeling so much different than before when I saw it as a hassle.

But after 2 weeks of doing it, I have been getting rubbish thoughts about almost anything. My mind is so full of rubbish, that I can think of something good and then immediately think of something bad for that and then link the two together. Eg I was listening to a khutbah and even then somehow made a link between pious companions and a rubbish thought. I obviosuly didn't mean them but I'm trying to get rid of it and needed some advice as in prayer I'm constantly reminded of my sins/thoughts which is affecting my concentration . I tried keeping the wasawas out by reciting Surah Nas but it still keeps popping up.


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salam aleikum wa rahmatulahy wa barakatuh

it is such a huge happy news that you decided to change your life stille, alhamdullilah, see how Allah loves you and wants to help you..

may Allah help you stay safe and strong, remember that the most loved good deeds are the ones done often and constantly, inchallah...
yes, sheitan is tryng, i have such bad nightmares all night, everynight, even if i pray before, alhamdullilah but i stille have them and are so teriffiyng that one can hardly imagine, but dont let him inspire something bad, he is powerless next a pious muslim, inchallah
Allah be with you


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Brother , this is very natural , we all suffer from this wiswas . You must feel happy now shaytan has no power on you only by these silly thoughts you win the battle ....he is trying his best ...........just ignore those thought. As long as we are living the shaytan will try to drag us to hell. But inshaAllah. He will fail . Allah will not punish us for thoughts but for words and deeds . Continue on your straight path you will feel stronger. :salah:


La ilaha illa-Allah.
Assalam Alaikum, Bismillah-ir Rahman-ir Rahim. Subhan'Allah, I had a dream today
that my mom was saying to not do something to someone else because
it was some spell or some sort of bad luck but once I said "mom" and asked her
what that mean't she didn't answer back with the answer and changed the subject, so see how shaytan or whatever it was couldn't lie to me because i'm Muslim and insha'Allah a pious one. And this was right before I woke up
for Fajr prayer this is what shaytan try's to do to keep you sleeping and scare
you I think.


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Waalaykumussalam wa Rahmatullaah.

It happens, it is the shaitan (waswas). Continue to strive my brother & you will win the race. It has happened to me also, and others whom I know wanted to practise Islam properly. Keep on with your daily morning & evening adhkar (Remembrance of Allaah). Do go to All is well, inshaAllaah.