Problem How to respond to those who say the prophet was a myth


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Asalamualakum astagfurillah but critics are going to a extent to say the prophet was made up how do we respond now some say theres non muslim sources but they say thats because his name was being widespread through people in different countries and they just wrote down what they heard being said at the time. Also im getting whispers in my head from shaytan aswell but offcourse i do not believe it


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Walaikum As-salaam brother,
To those who claim prophet Muhammed(pbuh) was a myth, my advise will be to recommend them to read the Quran and Hadith. As we cannot see the elementary particles(atoms, electrons, protons etc) but scientists know they exists(based on Heisenberg's uncertainty principle) otherwise we would not have computers, mobiles and electricity etc. Also, we cannot see air, but we can feel its presence around us.

For seeker of truth - it is out they just need to look with open mind and not with a prejudice mind set. As "Islam" is a way of life(the best that humans can live by) it encourages scientific debate within social boundaries. Believing existence/non-existence of a certain thing requires faith(belief). It is all based on the consciousness of our brain.

So, based on historical evidence together with written facts and various references in Quran and Hadith's Prophet Mohammed does exists.

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Tell to them that non-muslim sources, or the western sources are not all-knowing. The western scientists have had and still have they own perspective to the historical matters and happenings. Like for example, the western historical research hasn´t never research very much about the role of the women in the history but that doesn´t mean that in the past times women would´t had any kind of important role in the society.


It is recommended that we speak our peace and leave. It is their loss.

Once again, history, records his, swas, accomplishments. Ask them to define myth. Just by sheer definition they know he, swas, existed.

Myth by definition alludes to almost a supernatural explanation of facts.

Time is better spent in seeking knowledge from trusted sources. It is better to spend time with those who love the Prophet, swas, and wish to improve their lives, both in this life and the hereafter. Part of this life is to prepare for death. Leave those who do not wish to learn to themselves in seeking false pleasure.