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va alaikumussalam va rahmattullahi va barakkathuhu

Why not brother? if both of u keep descency in conversation and not going out the limits and within the teachings of islam... u r allowed. our purpose should be pure. when a woman and a man happens to be ALONE there is always the 'SATAN' wth u. Be fearful to Allah. He is allseeing and allhearing

may Allah include us among 'MUTTHAKKEN'


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السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

to make it short..

1. Only talk to her in a public place because Whenever a man and a woman are togather Shaytan comes between them.
2. never talk about sexual desires or love for it may cause Fitnah.
3. Never have eye contact while talking.
4. if you feel at any point that you are emotionally or sexually aroused, make an excuse and leave at once.