i cant take it ANYMORE!

sis khadidja

proud to be muslim
:salam2: hope all of you brothers and sisters are fine and in good iman
i have this problem i really dont have any one to talk to
so maybe you can help me
to start my mother died when i was ten in childbirth the babies survived (triplets) but she didnt that was very sad for us of course my mother told me in her last words that she wants me to take care of my 1sis 2bros so i did my father didnt get married untill recently to a younger woman that was last year now i have stepmom i call her mother as my father said now she gave birth to a bay boy three months ago and has compleatly changed i have to do everything wash clean cook study look after my siblings my stepbro its too much she has now started beating my sis and bros i have tried to stop her but she just dosent i told my dad he said they are here kids as well so she has a right so i said ok yesterday a brother came to ask my for my hand so the next thing i know she told the guys mom that i cant cook and i am lazy i was shocked:confused: i dont know why she does these thing??
i cry day and night wishing my mum was here
i try talking to my dad but nothing
has any one of you sisters and brothers been through this problem if so i would like your help!:confused::blackhijab:


walaikumu salam
sis may Allah help u
i know what you going through...i too live with people who aren't my parents
and Allah knows how i feel...It feels like you're in hell walahi ...
they dont treat me right, i feel like am in a prison
so wat am trying to say is be patient
Allah will make things easier sis
inshaAllah ta'alaa its a test remember that
may Allah make it easy for u
waslaammu alaikum


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aselemu aleikum sister, as your brother filaah

i can promise you, wolahi have sabr, ALLAH ta3ala will open doors for you you would have never expected..just be patiented and remain good with your stepmom event hough she is treating you unjust...its easy for me to say this, but i mean it..if ALLAH azza wajall wouldnt want all of this to have occured then it wouldnt have ..so be patient its ALLAH's will and plan.

al hamdulilaah


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How could she do that???!!!!!! :angryred:
I'm sorry sis- but I wish I was there to help you!!!!!!:(
Have faith in Allah sis, and we'll all du'aa for you. Maybe the brother who has propposed to you can see how hard you work. And sis- confront your stepmom- ask her that if she told the other woman that you were so lazy, why didn't she do anything herself? And sis- you will HAVE to talk to your father- try to convince him to do something. It's not right sis. My guess is that she is trying to ruin your marrige so you can stay home and keep on doing the chores. Try and stick up for your siblings sis. Pull them to you when she tries to beat them.

Sis- but I don't think you should follow my advice right away-I think I'm writing this out of anger :(

I'll come back later with other replys- and Insha'Allah those will be better replys.

Lots of love sis!!!!!!!:hearts:
Salam- :SMILY252:


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Salaaamalikum Wa Rahmatullahi wabarakth
My dear sister, The first and foremost thing you need to do, is to make Du'a. Ask your Lord for help. Allah has said "Supplicate and I shall answer you".
Du'a is the weapon of the believer, use it. Then comes all the other practical solutions. Seek refuge with Allah from the evil of what others do, and ASK him to grand you patience and perseverence, and to change your step mother's attitude. Just ask whatever you need to your Lord.

Also, forgive your Step mother, Allah has opened for you a way to attain one of the best Good Deeds-That is forgiving Others for the sake of Allah. And if you find Difficulty in forgiving her, then again, Just Ask Allah to make your heart forgive her. Subhan Allah!
Indeed, Du'a is the weapon of the believer.
May Allah grant you ease, the best in this world and the Hereafter. Ameen.


assalaam alaikum

may Allah give u sabar may Allah guide ur stepmother. Ameen
we dont forget u in our prayers May Allah help u Ameen.



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salam walakum sister

salam walakum sister

i hope this message finds you in good health and good spirit inshallah.

I was very saddened to read your message.

Firstly it isnt permissible, its actually haram for you to call your step mother 'mum' in islam, your mother is the one who gave birth to you, so inshallah do and try and call your step mother by her name instead.

secondly why does your step mother beat your siblings?? what is the reason for this?? islam doesnt condone violence towards children in fact it encourages the good treatment of the old and young alike.
The only time when parents are commanded to beat their children is at the age of ten and that is concerning the salat.

Thirdly your step mum had no right to say what she did to the man who asked for your hand, my question here would be why did the man approach your step mother instead of your father (as it should be in islam???)

Sister i guess its easy for a stranger who is not in your position to say but you MUST have sabr, but try to remember there is ALWAYS somebody in a situation worse then yourself, try and talk to your father in private about the issues you have raised, without getting angry, if you feel you can also maybe try and talk to your step mother, when she is free, talk to her with respect and kindness, and inshallah try and do some research about the issues you raised in order for you to tell your step mother ( and father) that they actions arent islamic,

if their actions persist that it is permissible for you to seek help for marriage in a sheik or iman, but inshallah try your best first and remember PLENTY of dua sister.

im here if you wanna talk sister, try and be strong:hearts:

your sis in islam