I got..


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Assalamualaikum sister, wow what is going on with the parents today.. don't they love their children?? this is just really depressing....ok lets see if I can put in my $2 and be of some use inshallah :)

How old are you? because this is unfortunatly serious business.
Then looking at your age, the matter becomes somewhat flexible.

(Kinda sounds like my family on a daily basis also LOL, but I never really take them seriously.....)

First and foremost, sit down and talk to them.
If they dont listen.
Grab like a counselor and try again LOL

1) If they really want you to get out - then get out I guess.
(AND not like your gone outta the house for 4 hours and they call the cops :()
(Although make sure you have a place to go ... like perhaps a mature and understanding sister that you can live with)

2) Go to the mosque? and explain you situation, maybe they will try to talk some sense into them if the counselors didnt work?

3) Do you have any "mature" brothers and sisters?

4) Wait it out,till you got your own place.(thats what I am doing LOL)

Inshallah your situation gets better and May Allah make things easy and smooth for you.



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i'm 17. i have to go now because my time is running out. i think i'll go mosque and then i don't know i'll think. i may go to my friends house quicky to ask for her advise.



An Akhu

i'm 17. i have to go now because my time is running out. i think i'll go mosque and then i don't know i'll think. i may go to my friends house quicky to ask for her advise.

May Allah be with you dear sister in Islam. Our Dua's and best wishes are with you. :|

P.S. Saabir person is promised a loads of Reward, please remember.


Subhana Allah!
Asalamu alaykum Sis

I understand what you mean my dear sis. And know that you are not alone. All i can say is may Allah subhana wata'ala make things easier for you and may Allah swt give you shelter amiin, amiin, amiin. May Allah subhana wata'ala guide your parents and give them heart and love towards their children, amiin.



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Asalamu alaykum Sis

All i can say is may Allah subhana wata'ala make things easier for you and may Allah swt give you shelter amiin, amiin, amiin. May Allah subhana wata'ala guide your parents and give them heart and love towards their children, amiin.






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I really do not know waht to say sister,and I am really shocked to hear all this.Wallahi I feel like I can not say anything becasue I can not belive that parents can threat thier child like this.
Try to be patinete and strong sister,and try to talk with your parents.May Allah Almighty help you dear sister,and guide your parents. Ameen.:tti_sister:

I will keep you in my duas sister.

May Allah protect you



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Reading all your responses made me cry. I can't believe that there are Muslims out there, who never met me, don't even know me but the way you all treat me is as if you are my real brothers and sisters. Even the PM's that I got. I'm so blessed to be a Muslim and be part of a loving and caring ummah. The reason why I came here on tti is because I didn't know where else to go.

I came home alhamdulillaah, but everyones displeased with me, no-one is talking to me. I called my mum and asked if I can come back and she said of course etc and just because she said that didn't mean that I had to. I feel bad though.

To be honest, and I'm not saying this for ppl to feel sorry for me, but I feel like I am for sure going to be punished in my grave and in the akheerah I feel like I am going to go to hell. I also feel like Allaah's curse is on me. And I'm feeling very low at the moment with this misrable life of mine. Fi amaan Allaah.


Sisterrrrrrr!! *hug*

Wallahi, im so sorry to her this. :(
im so sorry, i really am. i wish i cud be with u right now. :(

Aawww man.. i love u my sister.
Be patient inshaAllah.



You can go to a masjid around your way and talk with someone there to see what you can do and where you can stay. If you ever get back into your parents house just remain patient. If your mother or your father does anything to provoke you, just walk away do not scream or anything remain patient. Even if they are not Muslim they are your parents and Allah has ordered us to lower the wing of humility to your parents.

648. Abu Hurairah (May Allah be pleased with him) reported: A man said to Messenger of Allah (PBUH):

"I have relatives with whom I try to maintain good relationship but they sever relations with me; whom I treat kindly but they treat me badly, with whom I am gentle but they are rough to me.'' He (PBUH) replied, "If you are as you have said, then it is as though you are feeding them hot ashes and you will not be without a supporter against them from Allah, as long as you do so.''


May Allah pour on you patience and protect you, surely Allah will reward you for your efforts. Ameen

Remain Patient,


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:salam2: Sister,

Alhamduillah, It's good to hear that you are back home. No parents feel like that for their children. In the heat of the moment many people say things which they later regret they had never said. so try to talk to your parents when thinks settle down.

Sister don't worry, Inshallah it is just a test from Allah swt.

Thank you for letting us know you are back home safe and sound.



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Subhanallah some parents may feel it's okay to kick their sons of the house when they get angry. but kicking your daughter out of the house sounds absolutely mad to me. May Allah protect us, Wallahi I feel there's a responsibilty on me when I see a muslim girl (specially those who were niqab) walking down the street where there might alot of strangers and people who have bad impression about Islaam and muslims.


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Alhamdulillah, you are home sister. I hope anything like this never happens again, Insha'Allah.

Wa'alikum Salaam Wa'rehmatullah


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M shocked to death how can parents do that with their own kids and thts too with girl thats totally unacceptable ......Sister i knw its difficult time for most of member of this community are in serious probs and trouble but inshAllah your first duty is towards Allah swt so be obiedient to Allah swt and inshAllah you will be rewarded for it...... I send you link of this bro who been tortured six months by his own parents day and night cos of accepting islam they give him mental shocks torture brought him to black magician but nothing change his faith in Allah swt and he was obeidient to parents because Allah order us to do den later when his parents no longer bear him they told him to leave the house at age of 17 with 200 indian rupees in pocket but he was not worried he had firm faith in Allah swt as Allah say we wil protect those who left everything in way of Allah....this bro moved to another city but whenver he talk to his parents he try to give them message of islam......Allahamdullailah sumAllahamudlillah one day his mother come and say i want accept islam and she said Ashhado an la ilahha il Allah washahado anna mohammadur rasulallah and same day his brother accept islam and 2 week later his father accept islam .....Can you belive a family who tortured him like anything for accepting islam one day accepted islam through him ......see that how Allah rewarded this brother......


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I'm your brother
Sister, pls tell us your location. I suggest sisters who stay nearby visit her and extend whatever help we could.

Meanwhile sister, be patient with your mom. It is unbecoming for your mom to believe a 3rd party not you. Whatever, pls don't raise your voice towards your mom even if she keep nagging you. As advised by our brothers and sisters here, talk to her again and try your best to save the situation.


dearest sister,
firstly i pray that all your problems come to an end at the earliest INSHALLAH!!
sis, you are definitely going through a very difficult time of life. and shaitan will take full advantage of the situation. he'll try his best with you and your parents.
but you have to take strong action against him. you've got to show him that you are nevr gonna pay him attention.
and you've got to put alll your trust and belief in ALLAH alone, not even in yourself. bear patiently all that happens and talk to ALLAH about it. HE is alwasy attentive of HIS slaves and listens to you even when you dont say a word.
it's ok. BE GOOD to your parents. they tell you to leave the house- don't leave! just move yourself away from them, maybe sit in a seperate room until they calm down. they are your parents, be patient with them and obey them except when they tell you to disobey ALLAH.
Be soooo goood to them that they start feeling bad about themselves. no , i am not saying they are bad but i mean when a person starts seeing his own mistakes, his heart gets softer. and when the heart gets softer, it starts caring about everybody and you are their daughter. i am sure they love you alot. some parents show their love by being too strict or harsh. ok, your mom keeps shouting at you and cursing you, be quiet, be as patient as you can and ask ALLAH forgiveness for yourself and for her. never think bad about them and one day your parents will definitely see the huge amount of goodness in you and be proud of you INSHALLAH. and for that, you need to be very very patient.....Patience is the only key to the doors of happiness and goodness.
May ALLAH give you all the strength and patience you need in life and make easy every difficulty that comes your way INSHALLAH!
May ALLAH soften your parents hearts and make them love you and treat you like the most precious jewel (i.e., a child) INSHALLAH!


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HUG,hugs dear

I really dont know what to tell you exccept have patience and that you are always in my dua. Sister, dont say you are going to hell or will be punished for walahi it's ONLY Allah who knows that.Sister, you are truely a nice person and I remember that you've once asked DUA for your dad when he was sick...even though he treats you the way you described. I ask is that something bad?? I mean, you are trying to be nice and kind to them! dear sis, you are in my duas and I ask Allah to give you help, patience and to guide your parents to way of Islam. I love you soo much dear sis and your pain is my pain and inshaAllah, we'll all try to confort you and to be your family for wallahi we truely are a big family here at TTI. I will pray for you dear and inshaAllah all my brothers and sisters will( i know this for sure) do the same for you.
Allah hafiz dear ukhti fiAllah NOW and ALWAYS:):hearts::hearts:
*HUGS* I love you loads and you are forever in my duas:hearts:


make dua 4 ma finals
I have just seen that you got home,(did not read page two before)
AlhamduliAllah,AlhamduliAllah,AlhamduliAllah rabil Alameen. I hope this does not happen again..InshaAllah:)

Allah hafiz dear fiAllah


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Hang in there sister. Don't let the shytan get to you. These hard times maybe a test from Allah to see how strong your iman is.
Ask Allah for help.


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Assalamu alaykum sis Chana,

I don't know what to say. I understand being in this state, turmoil and depressed. Sis have lots and lots and loaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaads of patience please, okay? Tell us how you are doing? We love you!

p/s Try to tone down on talking bad about your parents sis -_-