I hate spammers and weirdo imposters


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Assalamu 'alaykum,

I havent been a Mod here in a long time, so please dont confuse me as such despite the user title thing. I havent quite figured my way around this place yet to be honest, but I came back for a thread I'd been a part of a long time ago and am just simply aghast at the spam and imposters going around - especially in the blog section!

I mean what has this place come to if I'm getting psychic reading offers by a



I'm nearly ashamed to say I was here :12-angryredarms: ... so. I'm going to use this thread to post every nasty or ridiculous post/blog I might happen to come across. I dont have admin access or whatever is necessary to delete them I believe, but I hope Mabsoot might come around to take care of it. If nothing else, it'll ease my mind.

Feel free to join me in this endeavor.

Aisya al-Humaira

الحمدلله على كل حال
Waalaykummusalaam wa rahmatullaah,

Yeah it has been a long time. How are ya?

I think not many are frequent members here anymore because of the different interface of the forum. The changes are good and no doubt Mabsoot has done a great job managing the site (sure ain't easy).

I'd like to join your endeavor and become a frequent here again. Do you plan to stay, though or just pop out once in a while?


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assalamu alaykum

I have limited signups until i can have a fix in place for spam. Its a massive problem with the bots right now


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Personally I think it is refreshing having a website that allows freedom of speach. Whats the point of conversation other wise. Did you want a serious conversation or just a website run by dictators.

The "Living God" has said we must not follow false prophets or gods of mans imaginations. That being the case isnt it wise to be able to speak on such matters freely to obtain greater understanding of peoples religions and their beliefs and debate whether or not those beliefs and religions are true. Futhermore to be able to establish if those religions and beliefs are actually true or false.

I am astonished always that people who follow a religion have never studied its origins. Had they taken that time out they would know where their religions and beliefs sprang up from in the passing of Time. Such knowledge is illuminating and does show many religions are in fact frauds.

Isnt it wiser that we all know and share that information freely and in the open.

After all it is what the "Living God" wanted.