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Hello Guys, we know that cannibalism is haram in Islam, cause one can't eat human meat, drink their blood and stuff. In the medical field say getting blood transfusions or medications derived from the human body is not considered haram like Insulin/Blood Plasma/Antibodies/multiple drugs derived from the human body used as medications to save other humans lives. Is it the same with swine. Cause many medications use pig derived gelatin for capsule coatings, Insulin is one of the major medications derived from their pancreas. You also have ACTH, a hormone used in human medicine for the treatment of arthritis and inflammatory diseases, can be obtained from the pig's pituitary gland.

Are human derived medications halal or haram. And if it's true for one of them (halal or haram), are swine derived medications put in that same category too.
Cause when we go to buy medicine, I'm sure most of us Muslims don't check where it came from.

What's the view on other life saving medications derived from other considered haram animals for consumption in Islam? Or is swine an extinction?