I need help replying to this to this message!


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I need help replying to this message!

:salam2: brothers and sisters.

I was having an argument on Youtube about how Islam is not any form a religion of violence, and this one guy sent me a message with an anti-Islamic site and it's out of context quotes about killing people. I know Islam doesn't promote violence in any way, but I can't really explain to him that because I know very little about finding quotes from the Quran..and all that. Like, I dunno how to explain. Blahh. D: D:
So if anyone can help me post a reply to him, I would really appreciate it. :)
This is his message:

well here you go, this is what your "quran" says!
- http://www.thereligionofpeace.com/Quran/023-violence.htm This links to 109 references to the Koran calling Muslims to war with non-believers.
- The history of Islam is one of forced conversion since the religions inception when Mohamed himself set the standard himself by killing those who refused to "accept Islam"
- There are currently millions of people in this world who are Muslim only because to renounce their religion would lead to their murder.

Please help me post a reply so I could copy and paste it or whatever. I'm sorry I'm stupid lol, I'm still learning though...So yeah.

Thank you very much!!!! :blackhijab:



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walikumsalam sister

sister there are verses in the quran where allah refers to the killing of non belivers in the BATTLE FIELD, its not refered as in general sociaty.for example, if the british arm is in a mission to a war, and they are in a battle field, ofcourse the commander would tel them to kill there enemy etc.what these non muslims are doing is they are picking these verses but they havent read the CONTEXT of it.

and sisters if his saying islam is followed alot due to violence.you can remind him that in the middle east there are millions of coptic CHRISTIANS (people who have anciant origins),still liveing with muslims up til know! were they told to accept islam through violence? NO, becouse they stil exist in millions.and also islam is the fastest growing religion in the wolrd at the moment, ask them if any muslim army are currently in countires like usa,uk, etc useing violence to non muslims to accept islam? no !!!! and also there is a verse on the quran were allah says,(regarding to those who are in battle field,and haveing a war) when they capture the non muslim,either let him accept the truth (islam),and if he wants peace give him PEACE, and also take them to a place of SECURITY ! SUBHANALLAH, not only agree with peace but also take them to a place of security, that just shows how islam is about peace and not violence.peace comes first.sister they will try and confuse you, there are those who cant handle the truth, and they will only waste your time, so dont bother much with them.

inshallah this helped, n inshallah someone els can come up with more info.would be great if someone gave that verse number regarding peace.



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salam alaykum

I just wanted to add something from the 'history':

Firstly: History of Islam is never taught in the western societies, they have in mind that history is only the one belonging to them, and when they talk about their dark age they don't consider the history of Islam, more than 1000 years of history.

Secondly: Westerns want always to say they are right, in every moment, always... You can give them proofs but most of them ARE CLOSE MINDED (they are open minded only in committing sins and this is the truth)

Thirdly: If we see the last 200 year, there have been more than 500 millions of people dead. Only in the second world war there have been more than 260 million of people dead, and I am talking only about DEATH IN WAR... This people have died in Christian Countries... If Muslims would have done something like that we would be TERRORISTS indefinitely...

So where is the fact here that Muslims have done all this bad things to humanity... I am talking about 60 years ago, a lot of people are still alive, remember this...

Certainly there have been wars, and read the Messagge that Islam send:
The Message of Islam
] Ribiy bin Amr, radiallahu anhu, a honored Sahaba, which was delegated by the Muslims to negotiate with the head of the Persian Empire, when he was asked by them; what are Muslims looking for that they are against the Persian army, that wnat to fight against them (because it was one of the most powerful armies of the time), he answered:
"Allah has sent us to bring people out from adoration of the people and worship the Creator of people, to bring out the humanity from the constraints of this world and bring them to the width and to get them out of the religions (or systems of thought) useless, into the justice of Islam. "

Their work is always to put doubts and bad opinion about Islam but alhamdulilah, the TRUTH IS CLEAR for everyone that want to learn it with proofs.
A brother wrote only this ayat to explain the greatness of Islam, what Allah teaches us 'before using the guns, as they claim...!':

The tolerance and intolerance between Islam and West...

The good deed and the evil deed cannot be equal. Repel (the evil) with one which is better (i.e. Allah ordered the faithful believers to be patient at the time of anger, and to excuse those who treat them badly), then verily! he, between whom and you there was enmity, (will become) as though he was a close friend. (34) But none is granted it (the above quality) except those who are patient, and none is granted it except the owner of the great portion (of the happiness in the Hereafter i.e. Paradise and in this world of a high moral character). (35) (Fussilat 41: 34-35)

So whatever you have been given is but a passing enjoyment for this worldly life, but that which is with Allah (Paradise) is better and more lasting for those who believe (in the Oneness of Allah Islamic Monotheism) and put their trust in their Lord (concerning all of their affairs). (36) And those who avoid the greater sins, and Al-Fawahish (illegal sexual intercourse, etc.), and when they are angry, they forgive (37) And those who answer the Call of their Lord [i.e. to believe that He is the only One Lord (Allah), and to worship none but Him Alone], and perform As-Salat (Iqamat-as-Salat), and who (conduct) their affairs by mutual consultation, and who spend of what We have bestowed on them; (38) And those who, when an oppressive wrong is done to them, they take revenge. (39) The recompense for an evil is an evil like thereof, but whoever forgives and makes reconciliation, his reward is due from Allah. Verily, He likes not the Zalimun (oppressors, polytheists, and wrong-doers, etc.). (40) And indeed whosoever takes revenge after he has suffered wrong, for such there is no way (of blame) against them. (41) The way (of blame) is only against those who oppress men and wrongly rebel in the earth, for such there will be a painful torment. (42) And verily, whosoever shows patience and forgives that would truly be from the things recommended by Allah. (43) (Ash-Shura 42: 36-43)

And we must not transgress the limits during the war:

And fight in the Way of Allah those who fight you, but transgress not the limits. Truly, Allah likes not the transgressors. [This Verse is the first one that was revealed in connection with Jihad, but it was supplemented by another (V. 9:36)]. (Al Baqara 190)

Verily, the number of months with Allah is twelve months (in a year), so was it ordained by Allah on the Day when He created the heavens and the earth; of them four are Sacred, (i.e. the 1st, the 7th, the 11th and the 12th months of the Islamic calendar). That is the right religion, so wrong not yourselves therein, and fight against the Mushrikun (polytheists, pagans, idolaters, disbelievers in the Oneness of Allah) collectively, as they fight against you collectively. But know that Allah is with those who are Al-Muttaqun (the pious - see V. 2:2). (At-Tawba 9: 36)

This is the Book (the Quran), whereof there is no doubt, a guidance to those who are Al-Muttaqun [the pious and righteous persons who fear Allah much (abstain from all kinds of sins and evil deeds which He has forbidden) and love Allah much (perform all kinds of good deeds which He has ordained)]. (Al Baqara 2: 2)


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Quoting out of context please watch this

Assalamualaikum in islam!

Dear sister i hope this video would answer your question........


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Actually that website is full of lies, by reading their website. Look at this quote
2010.09.23 (Pattani, Thailand) - Two Buddhists are shot to death by militant Muslims as they are delivering noodles to a store.
2010.09.23 (Baghdad, Iraq) - Four young boys under the age of ten are murdered by a Mujahid bomb attack on their car.
2010.09.22 (Sumatra, Indonesia) - Islamic radicals murder three local cops during an assault on their station.
2010.09.22 (Bosaso, Somalia) - al-Qaeda linked militants kill security personnel with a roadside bomb.
2010.09.21 (Karachi, Pakistan) - Sunni radicals fire into a Shia bakery, killing two people.
2010.09.21 (Maiduguri, Nigeria) - Two people are shot to death by Boko Harem Islamists in a motorbike drive-by.

About the lies that kâfir wrote, read from reuters and look at his quote, True what he says?

Rights groups and many local Muslims believe some attacks are extrajudicial killings by security forces or armed Buddhist vigilante groups. http://af.reuters.com/article/worldNews/idAFTRE68M0ZN20100923



i dont know much about this so im sorry if i cant give a quote but i would like to thank all those who have and all those who helped the sister and gave her advice. Jazakuallah kheir to all. its great to see you all helped her.

sister, your very lucky, you have so much to reply to this person, maybe inshallah he will become a muslim considering he thinks he knows so much from the quran, it looks like he must have read it and is confused. just go easy on him. so he doesnt think we are at war with him. lol.

good luck. let us know how you go.


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:mashallah: Thank you SO much everyone who answered! I didn't expect your answers to be in this much depth. I really appreciate it! And allhamdullillah, I was able to reply using all of what ya'll wrote! I'm waiting for a reply, and Inshallah I'll let you know if I need any help depending on what he says. :D :D
Thank you all! :blackhijab:


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As for the penalty for apostasy, it has been a subject of debate all throughout Islamic history and the Quran clearly shows that there shall not be compulsion in religion. The Prophet (PBUH) did not and could not do anything contrary to the Quran.

The Quran is your reference on Islam, not narrations nor opinions of scholars.

Ironically that link takes me to a site where all I read are interpretations by an unknown someone of the verses of the Quran. The Quran isn't open to interpretation by anyone, and it is not subject to anyone's whims or desires. Even in the time of the prophet :saw:, not all the companions were knowledgeable in understanding the verses of the Quran, and ibn-Abbass was known for this understanding.

And you insult authentic ahaadith by calling them "narrations", as I have heard some misguided brothers in our community refer to the sunnah. They call themselves Quraniyoon, we have a nickname for them here: shaytaniyoon. Frankly, I don't know why the admins haven't banned you yet. You continue to spread misinformation about Islam and I think it has to stop right now. I don't recall your posts being like this. I only began noticing this recently.

And unless mods or admins are willing to step forward and put an end to this, then I am not willing to sit alongside someone who wants to insult our religion and make a mockery of it. Last time I checked the owners of this forum follow in the footsteps of the companions of the Prophet :saw:, and they adhere to the Quran and the Sunnah. And I sincerely hope I am not mistaken about this part.

The punishment for apostasy in Islam is death. There are conditions that must be met and procedure that must be followed:


And Allaah knows best.


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The Quran is your reference on Islam, not narrations nor opinions of scholars.

Both, Quran and Hadith are Reference, according to Quran.

Also, according to Quran, if we have a disagreement in a matter of Islam, we should go back to Quran and Hadith.

O you who believe! Obey Allah and obey the Messenger (Muhammad SAW), and those of you (Muslims) who are in authority. (And) if you differ in anything amongst yourselves, refer it to Allah and His Messenger (SAW), if you believe in Allah and in the Last Day. That is better and more suitable for final determination.

"And We have sent down unto thee (also) the Message; that thou mayest explain clearly to men what is sent for them, and that they may give thought." [Qur'ân 16:44]

And whatsoever the Messenger (Muhammad (sallallaahu`alaihiwasallam) gives you, take it, and whatsoever he forbids you, abstain (from it) , and fear Allah. Verily, Allah is severe in punishment." [Qur'ân 59:7]

"But no, by the Lord, they can have no (real) Faith, until they make thee judge in all disputes between them, and find in their souls no resistance against Thy decisions, but accept them with the fullest conviction." [Qur'ân 4:65]

Without Hadeeths, Islaam in incomplete.


Abu Talib

Feeling low

To understand the Qur'an you have go the commentary of the Qur'an. The commentary of the Qur'an is the Hadith which is the authentic sayings of The Prophet Mohammed Sallallahu 'alaihi wasallam.


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The Prophet(a.s.) appointed Mu'az b. Jabal, the governor of Yaman He asked him: "How would you decide?"
He said: "According to Allah's Book." The Prophet then asked "If you do not find anything, then?"
He said: "According to the Sunna of Allah's Prophet".
He again asked; Even if you do not find anything there, then?
Mu'az answered: "I shall, then, formulate an independent judgement of my own".
(Ahmed b. Hanbel, V, 230, 236, 242; Tirmizî, el-Ahkâm, 3; Shafii, el-Ümm, VII, 273).

Quran is the ultimate source,nothing can overrule Quran even ahadeeth and that is very clear in the above hadeeth.We beleive that sunnah is the second source of islam and we need it for better understanding islam.When there is a contradiction between a hadeeth and Quran,are we not supposed to follow Quran?

While we respect and love great scholars of ahadeeth such as Bukhari and Muslim,we also know that they were not free from error,so were their books.Otherwise we would be like shia or sufies who beleive their imams are infallible.

And, please, let we all not make accusations but discuss things in a better manner.


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Ayman you say authentic but whats authentic ahadeeth?
Are you of the Qur'âniyyôn?

And do not forget that Abu hurayrah wrote down what our prophet SalAllahu alayhi wasallam said. The kâfir sect ''Qurâniyyôn'' has the nerve to curse Imâm Bukhârî and speak bad about Abu Hurayrah radiyAllahu anhu.

Didnt 'Âishah radiyAllahu anha memorize the sayings of the prophet?


Think for yourself
salam alaykum

How do we really know that the Sunna sect is the right one and not the Shia sect? By examining their teachings against the teachings of the Quran! Both sects have narrations they both claim are authentic, which support their views. So, who is right? If a Muslim doesn't or won't know and just follows their peers, then they are practicing Taqleed.

Well we have 'Aqeedah that distinguish Ahli Sunnah from the rest.
And 'Aqeedah of Ahli Sunnah goes back starting from the Qur'an, then the Sunnah, the Comprehension of the Sahabas and the later scholars of Islam.

Allah tells us to ask to the scholars if you don't know... then who can be a scholar...
How can you build the Shari'a without the Sunnah.

One of the GREATEST things early Muslims have done from us is that:
When they saw the danger that everyone was claiming that I heard this from the Prophet-salallahu alayhi wa sallam, I heard that... they said:
Wait a minute...
Who are you, where did you hear it from... who was that person you heard it from... so we have the CHAIN OF NARRATORS, their bioghraphies, their commitment to islam, their memory, if they were truthful and so on...

That's makes Islam distinguish from the other religions and sects too.

Allah, subhana wa ta'ala, testifies for the Sahaba in different palces of the Qur'an, and the Prophet, salallahu alayhi wa sallam testifies for the Sahaba too.

And he, salallahu alayhi wa sallam, told to the people to LEARN THE QUR'AN from Ibn Abbas, from Ibn Mas'ud radiallahu anhum and other Sahabas too.

And I love this article of shaykh Albani, rahimehullah, that explains THE STATUS OF SUNNAH:



Think for yourself
salam alaykum

The hadeeth was not authenticated for over two hundred years after the death of the Prophet, peace be upon him. Did you know that? Was Islam incomplete all that time? During those two centuries all four schools of thought have already been established!

from: AbdurRahman.org

When Were Ahadeeth First Written?

By al-Haafidh Ibn Katheer with Commentary by Shaykh Ahmad Muhammad Shaakir
Translated by Maaz Qureshi

Al Haafidh Ibn Katheer said: [1]

Indeed it is mentioned in Saheeh Muslim from Abee Sa'eed al-Khudree in marfoo' [2] form, 'Whoever writes from me something other than the Qur`aan, then let him erase it.'

Ibnus Salaah said, 'And from what has been narrated to us about it is that it was disliked by: 'Umar, and Ibn Mas'ood, and Zayd Ibn Thaabit, and Abu Moosaa, and Abu Sa'eed in a group of late comers from the Companions, and the following generation.'

He also said, 'And from what has been reported to us regarding the permissibility of that or doing it: 'Alee, and his son al-Hasan, and Anas, and 'Abdullaah Ibn 'Umar Ibnul 'Aas in a group from amongst the Companions and the following generation.'

I say, that it has been established in the two Saheehs that the Messenger of Allaah (sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam) said, 'Write for Abee Shaah.' And indeed we clarified this topic in the introductions of our first books. And for Allaah is the praise.

Al Bayhaqee and Ibnus Salaah and more than one other than them have said: Perhaps the prohibition of that was for when it was feared that it would get mixed in with the Qur`aan, and then afterwards it was secured from that. And Allaah knows best.

Indeed it was related from the scholars of later times that they agreed upon the permissibility of writing the hadeeths, and this matter is exhaustive, widespread, and well known, without disapproval.

Shaykh Ahmad Shaakir said:

The older Companions differed about the writing of hadeeths. Some of them disliked it because of the hadeeth of Abee Sa'eed al-Khudree, that the Messenger of Allaah said, "Do not write from me anything except the Qur`aan, and whoever writes from me something other than the Qur`aan, then let him erase it." Related by Muslim in his Saheeh, and by Ibn Sa'ad (6/63) from 'Ubaydah as-Salmaanee from the older taabi'een,[3] and verily the times of ignorance were realized after being written and erased. Most of the Companions were upon permitting the writing, and this is the correct statement. And indeed the scholars have answered the hadeeth of Abee Sa'eed with many answers. So some of them state that the hadeeth is mawqoof[4] on him, and this is not good, for verily the hadeeth is authentic. And they have answered with other than this, saying that the prohibition was only for writing the hadeeths with the Qur`aan on one piece of paper, fearing that the two would get mixed up by one who was not knowledgeable about the beginning of Islaam.

And other late comers answered that the prohibition from that was particular to the one who was reliable in memorizing it. It was feared that he would rely on the writing, but if one is not reliable in memorization, then he should write. Indeed none of these answers are decisive.

The Correct Answer:

The prohibition was abrogated by other hadeeths showing it's permissibility.

So indeed Bukhaaree, and Muslim relate that circumstances required Abee Shaah to have something written from the Messenger of Allaah (sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam), which he heard in his sermon. This was in the year of the victory over Makkah. So he (sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam) said, "Write for Abee Shaah."

Abu Daawood, and al-Haakim and other than these two relate from 'Abdullaah Ibn 'Umar Ibnul 'Aas who said, "I said, 'O Messenger of Allaah (sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam), verily I heard something from you, so can I write it?' He said, 'Yes.' I said, 'In happiness and anger?' He said, 'Yes, for verily I do not speak in these two except truth.'"

Bukhaaree related from Abee Hurayrah that he said, "No one from among the Companions of the Messenger of Allaah Allaah (sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam) had more hadeeths than me, except for 'Abdullaah Ibn 'Umar. Verily he used to write, and I did not write."

Tirmidthee related from Abee Hurayrah that he said, "A man from the Ansaar was sitting with the Messenger of Allaah (sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam). So he heard a hadeeth from him, and it amazed him, but he could not memorize it. So he complained to the Messenger of Allaah (sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam). So he (sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam) said, 'Use your right hand.' And he signaled with his hand to writing."

These hadeeths, along with the affirmation of this action by the majority of the Companions, and the second generation, then the agreement of the Ummah after that upon it's permissibility - all of this proves that the hadeeth of Abee Sa'eed is abrogated, and that was the beginning of the matter when it was feared that it would distract them from the Qur`aan, and when it was feared that other than the Qur`aan would become mixed up with the Qur`aan. And in the Musnad (no. 7276) and in the Tabaqaat of Ibn Sa'ad (5/209) is what proves that a hadeeth was written for a lame man by them, and he read from it.

And the hadeeth of Abee Shaah came in the last stages of the life of the Prophet (sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam), and like that were the narrations of Abee Hurayrah. And it was in Islaam's later stages that 'Abdullaah Ibn 'Umar used to write, and he (Abu Hurayrah) did not write, proving that 'Abdullaah Ibn 'Umar used to write after Abee Hurayrah came to Islaam. If the hadeeth of Abee Sa'eed of prohibition was after these hadeeths of permission and permissibility, then that would have been known by the Companions with unadulterated faith. Instead, there came the decisive agreement of the whole Ummah after the conclusive proof that the permission of the matter was in later times. It is an agreement affirmed by many recurrent actions from every group from amongst the Ummah after the first period. May Allaah have mercy upon them all.

Indeed Ibnus Salaah said: "Then all that differing ceased, and all the Muslims agreed upon writing that being permissible, and were it not for writing them in the books for the lessons..." And indeed he spoke the truth. May Allaah have mercy upon him.

And from what proves that the writing of hadeeths has preceded from the older times of the Companions is what is found in Tahdheeb (1/470) in the biography of Basheer Ibn Nuhayk. Yahyaa Ibnul Qattaan said: "From Imraan Ibn Hadheer: From Abee Majliz: From Basheer Ibn Nuhayk who said: I came to Abee Hurayrah with my book which I used to write in. So I read to him from it and I said: I heard this from you. He said: Yes." And this text is also related by Tirmidthee (4/396), and by al-Khateeb in al-Kifaayah (no. 283), and Ibn Sa'ad (7/1/no. 162)


[1] The above is taken from al-Baa'ithul Hatheeth Sharh Ikhtisaar 'Uloomul Hadeeth p. 129-130.

[2] "marfoo'" This comes from the Arabic root word, 'rafa'a', which means: to be raised, or to raise. Marfoo' means something which is raised, in this case - a marfoo' narration is one that stops at a Companion in the chain of narration, but the text is such that none other than the Prophet (sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam) could have spoken it. It is used when the Companion does not state that he heard the narration from the Prophet (sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam), as is the case here.

[3] "taabi'een" This comes from the Arabic root word, 'taba'a' which means 'to follow.' The singular version of taabi'een is taabi'ee, which is a person from the second generation of Muslims.

[4] "mawqoof" This comes from the Arabic root 'waqafa' which means "suspended", technically - what is attributed to the Companions. It is also used for other than the Companions if restricted, e.g. mawqoof from az-Zuhree.

Some of the scholars have stated that this hadeeth by Abu Sa'eed al-Khudree was not a hadeeth at all, rather it was his own opinion. Shaykh Ahmad Shaakir counters this argument by saying that it is authentic, meaning that it is a statements which could not have been said by other than the Prophet (sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam) because it contains instruction about the preservation of Islaam.

World Peace

Islam is Light

Asalam aleacom warahmato Allah wabarakato Sister xAllahKnowsBestx

I hope you find the following links useful.

Discover the truth about Islam

Islam is peace

What Others Say about Islam, Muhammad (peace bee upon him) and the Quran

Islam religion

Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him)

Wasalam aleacom warahmato Allah wabarakato


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Ughh, so the dude replied. Once again, beating around the bush trying to convince me. I don't think I'm gonna bother wasting my time on this but...Anyone who's interested, (I think someone asked me to post his reply) here goes...

1st I will explain some things about where I am arguing from so that you can better prepare your arguments. I am an anarcho-sydicalist (opposed to nations, capitalism and authoritarianism however it exists in society.) who uses youtube as a means by which to create political videos most often relating to workers rights. I also make comments mainly relating to issues of racism, athoritarianism, opression/ repression... I am currently inundated with the work of unionizing my workplace, which is quite a task.

Now you will likely respond this by saying "oh but you are racist against Islam" I would first like to make it clear that racism refers to ones genetic make up. One can not be racist against a belief, political philosophy, lifestyle or anything other than genetic make up. While I dislike Islam I do not see it as the only harmful religion/cult out there. I see Judaism as being just as dangerous and find Christianity, while not as bad as the other two, to be the most regressive force in western society. In the 3rd section of your response you use the violent history of Christianity to explain the violence of Islam. To me that is like justifying having a neighbor who is a rapist because your other neighbor is a murderer. I don't think Abraham was someone to be idolized and I believe that as society becomes more advanced we will abandon all the superstitious cults that have come from this person... who very likely suffered from delirium.

Ok, now with your first point you speak about how it was describing conduct on the battlefield. I believe that your first point helps my argument greatly. By comparing Islam to The United States and England you compare it to two expansionist imperial forces known to impose their culture upon others through the use of force... even to the point of genocide. One must wonder why a religion speaks so much of battle, why being a warrior and knowing the ways of war is so necessary to anyone who practices this faith. I think we would need to look at the very violent history of Muhammad's life which is a rather brutal tale.

Now let me get to your quotes

The first one from the 8th surrah seems to indicate that one should respect the white flag of truce... common military cordiality. If, however one looks at the lines before it where the book describes how nothing is more detestable than the Infidel one begins to see that within Islam is the assumption that there will be a constant state of war between believers and non-believers and that peace is simply a break between periods of violent combat

Your second quote second Surrah. Anyway the line immediately after it is "kill them wherever you may find them".... It seems to say kill them all, but show restraint, Be merciless, but have mercy for a loving god loves mercy .... Also right after this quote there is another line saying how there will be peace when there is no religion but that of Allah.

Both these lines have tidbits of restraint but are essentially aggressive. One of the most aggressive aspects of the Koran is it's constant description of non-believers or of those who are not true believers. So much of the text is simply describing the horrors that await non-believers as well as the malicious way they are likely to behave.



Think for yourself
Excuse me!!!

Firstly Muslimas didn't have any order to make war for 13 years. They suffered all kind of insults, seeing their parents their brothers their firends being killed, tortured and a lot of such stufs.

After 13 years, this could not be supported anymore.
There is one thing if you have read the posts crefully:

O you are in way of Allah,
O you are against Him.

So there is NO LAW BETTER than that of the Creator.
History shows you that wars that have been made by Muslims were to show:
"Allah has sent us to bring people out from adoration of the people and worship the Creator of people, to bring out the humanity from the constraints of this world and bring them to the width and to get them out of the religions (or systems of thought) useless, into the justice of Islam. "

That is the purpose of Islam.
If you have to be fair, you HAVE TO ACCEPT what history shows about reasons of war... Islam never made genocide, war was made against oppresors who wanted to be like Pharaon who wants everything for himself and the rest of the people suffer, as you see nowadays if you are LOOKING WHAT IS HAPPENING IN OUR WORLD... Who commands, what they d for the rest of the people that does not have power...

Islam in not only this 5 or 10 verses that you use... You can not be so blind if you want to understand it properly. There is a wisdom behind Islam, behind every issue.
If there could be any system in the earth that would balance life quality, life equity, life security, life justice, life awareness, YOU WILL NEVER FIND OUT OF ISLAM... be shure of that.

And if a society have no FAITH, have not an ideal to catch, this society will fail. The societies that "have not failed" up to now, they have sucked the blood, energies, wealth of other countries and other people to reach the status where they are now.

So Islam is a religion of JUSTICE, if you want to believe what you believe specially in your last writing, than this is your choice and:

This (Quran) is a Message for mankind (and a clear proof against them), in order that they may be warned thereby, and that they may know that He is the only One Ilah (God - Allah) - (none has the right to be worshipped but Allah), and that men of understanding may take heed. (Ibrahim 14: 52)