I want your help my brothers


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Salamoalaykom my brothers
Wife of my friend from china want to go with her husband to Saudi arabic to study Arabic and he asked me how to apply a college in Saudi Arabic?
can you please help them

he said me:
"In China i have got master degree ,but my wife did not get any degree ,but her major is Janpanese ,here her major can not be used here . and her father is Imam,so she inculding me love and want to study Arabic.So she wants to study there and wants to get master or bachlor degree"

please if someone of you can help them tell me may Allah bless and reward you paradise


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Asalamualikum Brother,
I live in Saudi Arabia,jeddah which is close to makkah.
i might be able to help you inshallah,you will first have to give me all the details,as in what she wants to study,where she wants to study and what is her Proficiency level of arabic etc.
take my email adress [email protected] feel free to contact me


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Thank you so much, i will give him your E-mail adress to contact you
May Allah bless you all

Moataz G

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salamo 3alikum dear brother , well i don't know about KSA but i live in egypt as iam egyptian citizen, for Egypt the place she could apply in for learning arabic is Cairo University 'sciences library college' this college has a certain section for teaching arabic for international foreigner students i see many many international students from different countries come to this university to study arabic, i can bring to you information about i can call them to see what you want to know.
for ksa i dont know the acceptance requirements but am talking to you as i belong to cairo university and good luck for her