I Worship My Lord


ALLAH is in my heart
I worship my Lord

(A Muslim in the West)
by Na’ima B. Robert

I wake before dawn.

No muadhin calls me,

No footsteps stir me,

Instead society spurns me,

Labels me and burns me.

But everyday,

I wake before dawn.


I wear my hijab.

No father threatens me,

No religious police warn me,

Instead society judges me

Mocks me and shuns me.

But everyday,

I wear my hijab.

I rear my children.

No family pressures me,

No work barriers limit me,

Instead society shames me,

Names me and blames me.

But everyday,

I rear my children.


I follow the Sunnah.

No culture defines me,

No history holds me,

Instead, society scolds me,

Re-makes and moulds me.

But every day, I follow the Sunnah.


I strive for Paradise.

No teachers indoctrinate me,

No worldly hardships sedate me,

Instead society rejects me,

Tempts me and affects me.

But every day, I strive for Paradise.


I worship my Lord.

No imam compels me,

No rules force my heart,

Instead, society fears me,

And dares not come near me.

But every day, I worship my Lord.


Every day,

In every way,

Through hardship and strife

And the all-consuming,

O so fleeting

Bitter sweetness of life,

I worship my Lord.


I worship

My Lord.