Ibn Qudaama

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    Al-Imaam Ibn Qudaamah: He is Shaykh-ul Islaam Muwaffaq-ud Deen Abu Muhammad Abdullaah Ibn Ahmad Ibn Muhammad Ibn Qudaamah Ibn Miqdaam Ibn Nasr Al-Maqdisee Al-Jamaa'ilee.

    He was born in Nablis - Palestine in Sha'baan 541 AH.

    He memorised the Qur'aan at an early age, studied its sciences and was known to have a nice hand-writing.

    He left with his cousin, Al-Hafidh Abdul-Ganee, for Baghdad in 561 AH and caught up with Shaykh Abdul-Qaadir in his final days (i.e. before he passed away). They stayed at his school, learning from him as well as from other scholars and student of knowledge of that time such as Ibn Al-Jawzee, Hibat-ullaah Ibn Al-Hasan Ad-Daqaaq, Abi'l Fath Ibn Al-Battee, Abi Zur'ah Ibn Taahir, Yahya Ibn Thaabit, Khadeejah An-Nahrawaaniyah and others.

    He also studied with the following scholars of his time:

    Damascus / Syria - Abi Al-Makaarim Ibn Hilaal
    Mowsil / Iraq - Abi Al-Fadl at-Toosee
    Makkah Al-Mukarramah - Al-Mubaarak Ibn At-Tabbaakh

    Some of the Scholars that relayed his 'Ilm (knowledge) to us are:

    Al-Jamaal Abu Moosa Ibn Al-Haafidh
    Ibn Khaleel
    Ibn An-Najjaar
    Ash-Shams Ibn Kamaal
    Zaynab Bint Al-wasitee and many others

    He was known for his vast knowledge, wisdom and wit and renown as the Scholar of the people of Ash-Shaam of his time. Ibn An-Najjaar describes him as:

    "The Imaam of Al-Hanaabilah in Damascus Mosque, he was a trust worthy, noble figure, extremely generous, of a clean character, a cautious worshipper, follower of the Salaf methodology, emitting light (of knowledge and piety) and repectful. One may benefit from his sighting before even hearing his speech!

    Some of his books:

    Al-Mughnee - 10 volumes
    Al-Kaafee - 4 volumes
    Ar-Rawdah - 1 volume
    Ar-Riqqah - 1 volume
    At-Tawwaabeen - 1 volume
    Al-I'tiqaad - 1 volume
    Al-Mutahabbeen - 1 volume
    ...and many others

    He died on Saturday, the Day of Eed-ul Fitr in 620 AH. May Allaah, subhanahu wata'aala, accepts him in His vast mercy, benefit us from his knowledge and gather us with his likes on the Day of Judgement, Aameen.

    The above was extracted from Siyar A'laam An-Nubalaa'

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