If Ciderella was a muslim


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Mirror mirror on the wall
Who's the fairest of them all
The wicked witch would ask to the glass

"I think you should see
The prettiest is not thee
But the one who's house is just past

'How dare! she would mock
I'm the prettiest, I had sought
And she'd leave to go sneak a look

Then the mirror would sigh
And close up his eyes
Then went back to chatting on Facebook

Cinderella, I say!
Come and see me today!
You think you're sweet, as the sky's blue?

Cinder stepped out her pad
The witch saw her hijab
And she said: Peace be unto you

"What? Is this a trick?
You think you fool the witch?
You're barely showing your face!

That swindling piece of glass
Thinks it'll give me the shaft
And make out of me, a disgrace?

And then came the mirror
With a sparkling glimmer
On his Honda Motorcycle

"I say, wicked witch
Sorry, I had an itch
But I could hear you being spiteful

"How's she the fairest?
She's probably hairless
I can barely see more than her eyes

"Well, don't be a jerk
As you can see, she's a revert
Now her beauty will shine from inside.


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EDIT: Just realized it was Snow White I was referring to, not Cinderella.
I believe I'm getting a little old ;_;


ربنا اغفر لنا ذنوبنا
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Beautiful masha'allah!!
jzk for sharing brother