Im Happy To Join My Bothers'n'Sisters


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Peace up and the mercy of Allah

Brothers 'n' Sisters, Im glad to join you here, hope is filling my soul yes ..cuz I joined a muslim community on the net .

Let me introduce myself to you..

Religion: Proudly Muslim
Name: Talal
Gender: Male
Age : 21
Country: Syria

All I want, just to get to know you better(brotherhood), share the views, give help as mush as I can.

Thanks A Million to the person who brought this to reality, may Allah put it in his\her record.



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Welcome to TTI Talal bro..
Share and Ask as much as u can about Islam..
Enjoy ur stay here..


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As-salaamu `alaykum warahmatullaah.

Welcome to the site brother.

I hope you can benefit from these forums inshaa' Allaah.


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O' khadeejaq8 :) im not a sister im a brother, thank you'll sisters im very happy to see you here.. may allah save your steps