Iman is like the flame of a candle

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    Candles come in different shapes and sizes, in different lengths and widths, scented, non-scented, plain or colourful.

    Human-kind is as such that we too come in different shapes and sizes, different heights and widths, different race and religion, different skin tones, different cultures and traditions.

    The height of the candle, represents your age. With every passing year, your time on earth gets shorter and shorter and shorter.

    The outer appearance of the candle, represents your physical being, may you be old or young, male or female, asian or caucasian. The core of the candle, represents your beliefs; your religion; your basic foundation.The fire which lights up the wick of your candle, represents your faith, your Iman.

    Iman, is believing in Allah, believing in His Prophets (PBUthem), believing in His teachings, believing in the Angels, believing in Judgement day, believing in the predestination by Allah of all things both good and bad. The basics 'rukun' of Iman.

    Iman is not hereditary. It is not something that can be passed on from mother to daughter, from father to son, from brother to sister, from a teacher to a student.

    However one can be taught how to build the fire, how to be in Allah's graces so He will bestowed it upon oneself. Iman is something only Allah can bestowed; it is a Gift, a very precious Gift.

    Once given, one must guard it with every might one has. With everything and anything one has. Without Iman, one wonders throughout life in darkness.

    One cannot see, one cannot hear, one cannot speak, one cannot feel. But with Iman, like the fire that lights the candle, one can navigate through the dark with confidence, with trust in Allah and only Allah.

    Iman: believe in the predestination by Allah of all things both good and bad.

    Iman is like the flame of a candle. Sometimes it stands strong and unwavering.

    Sometimes it dims and flickers.
    Just like the burning candle is kept somewhere safe so that the fire does not extinguishes, your Iman is tucked within your heart, out of reach from others, safe from harm.

    Ahh..but it is full proof? Nay my friends. Nay.

    When we leave the candle in the room, sometimes we might forget to close the door and leave it slightly ajar. A breeze might come in and cause the flame to flicker.

    The Devil will always be around. The Devil will always try to persway you to give up your flame. When you let your guard down, when you let that door open, the Devil might just creep silently and slowly dance around your flame, mocking it, beckoning it.

    Come to me, said he. Dance with me, said he.

    Lahawlawallakuwataillabillah Hilaliyulazim. Nauzubillah Himinzalik.

    Be steadfast with your Iman, BE STEADFAST! Do not yield! Never yield!

    As humans, we tend to be negligent. We let our guard down as we tend to take things for granted. Sometimes we are busy fulfilling our worldy duties, we tend to neglect our spiritual responsibilities.

    For example, sometimes I thought, ahh..there is still time before the next prayer, I still have an hour left. Consume in my work, I lost track of time and lo and behold, before I knew it, I only have 10 minutes left before the next prayer. Such is negligence on my part, I admit, for taking my time for granted.

    The dripping wax from your candle, that can either be your sins or your rewards. That shall be your witness on Judgement day. For on that day, no one can save you but yourself.

    Do not let that wax drip in haste. Fill it with good deeds, fill it with promises of rewards.

    Your actions must all be Nawaitu-Lillah, because of Allah and only Allah.

    Just like the fire that needs oxygen to burn, your Iman needs supplements to keep it alive as well. Allah has given you light, now it is your duty to sustain the light; to keep it burning, to keep it alive.

    How does one keep it alive?

    Observe your prayers, perform your duties as a Muslim. Fear Allah. Believe in Judgement day. Believe in Allah's rewards and offers of Paradise. Believe in Allah's wrath and His promises of eternal damnation. Respect your elders, treat your peers with kindness and respect, part with whatever knowledge you have, give to the poor, do not take what does not belong to you, be kind to animals, and so on and so forth.

    From time to time, Allah will give you tests and trials. He will test how strong your Iman is. Verily, He will not burden you with anything that He knows you will not be able to handle.

    These tests can come any time in any form; especially when you least expect it. Do not question His actions. Do not doubt His plans. Allah sees what we do not see. Allah knows what we do not know. Steadfast with your Iman.

    Steadfast! He only tests you because He knows you will be able to overcome it. Insya-Allah. Allah knows best.

    My dear friends, make full use of your candle. Keep it safe and guard it well. We must do our best to keep the flame burning. Do not let it flicker for long nor let it lay dim.

    We must always keep our flame in check. Always. Do not take it so lightly just because we think it is placed somewhere safe. The devil will always try to seduce you; he will not stop until he has.

    I remember how lost and terrified I was when I was left in the dark, without a flame to my candle. I remember my fears; I remember my worries; I remember my tears; I remember the darkness.

    When my candle was lit, Alhamdulilah, my fears were replaced with love for Allah, my worries were replaced with tasbihs, my tears were tears of happiness and joy, and I am no longer afraid of the dark.

    I still have a long way to go. I still have much to amend. I still have much to ask for forgiveness. I still have much to improve on. I still have much to learn. Insya-Allah, if Allah wills me to have a long life on this earth. Insya-Allah. My friends, let us help each other.

    Let us help each other by reminding each other of our Imans. If you notice my flame flickering, tell me for I may not see what you may see. If I notice your flame flickering, I will tell you, for you may not see what I may see.

    Insya-Allah. We will be steadfast with our Iman. We must never let our flames extinguish. Never. Protect at all cost.

    I would like to end this post with this duaa. Insya-Allah, may we all benefit from it.

    O Allah, I am Your servant, child of Your servant, child of Your maidservant, my forelock is in Your hand, Your command over me is forever executed and Your decree over me is just. I ask You by every name belonging to You, which You named Yourself with, or revealed in Your Book, or You taught to any of Your creation, or You have preserved in the knowledge of the unseen with You, that You make the Noble Qur’an the life of my heart; the light of my face; a departure for my sorrow and a release for my anxiety.

    May Allah bless us with His Taufik and Hidayat. May we benefit from the knowledge He has given us. May we always be under His Protection and Guidance. May He forgive us for our sins, those we know and those we do not know. May He place us on the righteous path and steadfast our Imans. May He shower our one and true Prohphet Muhammad Alaihisalam and his family and followers, with eternal blessings.

    Amin amin, ya rabbal-alamin.

    All that is good has come from Allah and all that is bad has come from myself.
    :salam2: :hijabi:

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    Assalamu Alaikum



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