In need of an Imam/da'ee for Pereira(Colombia)


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Assalamo alikom wa rahmato Allah wa barakato

Dear brothers and sisters:

I came across this ad, so I thought I would post it here. Don't know if it's the right place thou. I just hope and pray there would be someone willing to take it, since in, not just Colombia(my birth place by the way!), but in all latinamerican countries Islam is so much growing even among so much misinformation. SubhanaAllah!!! Allahu akbar!!

Assalam alikom wa rahmato Allah wa barakato


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here it is the ad!

Ups!! Sorry I forgot to paste it !!

Here it is:


A new mosque has recently been established in the city of Pereira,
Central Colombia. It is the city's first masjid, which is situated
in Colombia's coffee growing region. The Muslim community here is
relatively new and is made up of mostly local Colombians.

We are desperately in need of an imam or da'ee who can teach the
basics of Islam in a clear, accurate and non-judgmental way. The
person should be well versed in teachings from the Qur'an and
Hadith, along with basic subjects such as Tajweed, Aqeedah and
Fiqh. It is preferable that they speak some Spanish or another
Latin language such as Portuguese or Italian. However, someone
who can demonstrate the ability to pick up a new language would
also be considered if they were suitable in other ways. This is
a temporary role lasting for about 6 months but could be extended
for a longer period depending on the circumstances.

Although it is not possible for us to pay a proper salary, simple
accommodation and a basic allowance for food and travel would be
provided. If the person's main motivation is financial, then this
would not be a suitable opportunity for them.

The people here are of modest means but they are open to Islam
and many are genuinely seeking the truth. This is an excellent
opportunity to be involved in pioneering da'wah work in one of
the 'frontier' regions of the Islamic world. It is not meant to
be an easy job, but a sincere individual with the right attitude
and level of competence will be able to have a positive impact
on this community, insha'Allah.

If you know of anyone who might be able to help please contact:
Tel: +44 7092 032 763 (UK number)
E-mail: centroabdullah*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!