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Assalamu Alaikum,

My name is Ian Adams, I am a recent revert living in Riverside, California USA.

My journey to Islam has been a long, and often tortuous one, spanning nearly twenty years. I first became interested in Islam while serving in the US Army in the early 1990's. During the American excursion into Kuwait with operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm there was a huge anti-Muslim backlash in the American military. In an attempt to understand, to learn more about these people that were suddenly the new 'enemy', I began to read everything that I could about Islam. I had also been fortunate enough to meet and get to know several members of the Saudi Arabian military while I was at Fort Bliss, Texas, so I already knew that not all Muslims were 'evil'.

When I got out of the Army, I maintained my interest in Islam but purely as an academic pursuit. I eventually began to study Christian theology in a major evangelical, fundamental Christian seminary in order to become a minister. However, this proved to be fruitless since I was never able to completely convince myself of many of the essential beliefs of the Christian faith, particularly the divinity of Jesus and the trinity, and the doctrine of original sin. Unfortunately, I ended up in a place where I was extremely unsatisfied and made some brief forays into studying Buddhism. This, of course, did not last since I firmly believe in God.

Eventually, I finally made the commitment to follow what I have come to know is the full truth. Several weeks ago I said the shahada in front of the brothers in my local masjid and for the first time in my life, I feel like I am finally where I belong.

I look forward to participating in this online community and expanding the knowledge of my faith.



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Salaam Aleykom, beautiful story mashaAllah and thanks for sharing it. Congratulations for finding the truth and welcome to this beautiful way of life and welcome to this site too.

Wa Salaam


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waalikum Salam Brother,

AllahuAkbar....what a wonderful news masha fortunate you are who has been chosen to be guided towards the Light of Allah. Surely Allah doth guide whom He will to His Light:

Congratulations. Very welcome to Islam and welcome to TTI. looking forward to see you more often on the forum insha Allah.



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20 years is really not a short period. Congratulations,bro, it's never too late to grasp the truth. May Allah halp u, protect u in yr future life. :)


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salam alikoum
nice story, may allah keep you on the straight path forever, looking forward to seeing your posts in the future
wa salam alikoum


walaikum as salam brother,

you were in operation desert storm? its a good thing you decided to study islam rather than succumb to mass-brainwashing. as a group we muslims are the most persecuted people on earth but in light of human atrocities, now you can understand why Hell is such a terrible place as the Quran describes it.


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Wa alaykum salam Brother,

welcome and congratulation for your reversion, Insha allah you will benefit from this website.



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Welcome brother


Salam Alaykum. I am a new revert from Australia. I said my Shahadah exactly 1 month ago, and already I feel calm, I feel the light of Islam transform me, even in this short space of time.

You have made the right decision, Inshallah your faith will increase. Do not waver brother as we live in very dark times. We live in a world of deceit, a world of forgery and smoke and mirrors.

It is indeed a miracle to have someone revert to Islam. Only those who are humbled before Allah will eventually come to Islam.

My advice to you brother, is the best way to be a Muslim is behave in the manner befitting Mohammed (PBUH). Especially when dealing with friends or family. Do not be argumentative with them, but argue politely and with reason. This is how we will change them and the world.

May Allah bless you, and your family. May he fill your soul with his light.

Steven Samios


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Assalamu Alaykum,

Welcome to TTI and to Islam. May you enjoy your stay here and May Allah SWT continue to guide you to become a better Muslim Insha'Allah. Ameen!!


Asalamo Alaik brother and welcome to Islam and to TTI I am happy for you that you have found Islam and congratulations on taking shahada

small world I live in Riverside too and my local Mosque is the ISCN subhanAllah


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:salam2: brother

Congrats on your reversion to this beautiful religion and welcome to TTI, u shall benefit and learn lots inshaAllah.
Hope u enjoy ur stay :SMILY139:



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salaam brother. welcome to the site, and most of all welcome to islam! i find it truly amazing how you found the true path to life. hope you enjoy your stay here! :)


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Salam Alekum
Welcome to TTI :) Mashallah its nice to hear your reversion stroy icadams and ssamios67.. It was a blissing day for both of u becoming a muslim.. Alhamdulillah.. May Allah reward u and guide u to become a betta muslim.. ameen :)

Nurul Aine

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mashallah, i am really happy to know about your story brother Steven Samios,, wow it's only been a month.
you are right about the manner that we should carry as a muslims toward others around us.. subhannallah.. either we are humble and show good conduct toward others to elevate the beauty of Islam or we show show bad manners and make people go aways from Islam.. it the responsibility of every Muslims to spread the truth.. May Allah swt accept us all..