Is "courtship" permissible in our deen?


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Is it permissible for a woman to speak with a man before marriage? Or vice versa?

What I mean by talking is getting to know the person before you decide to marry them...(texting, talking on the phone, meeting in person,etc....) Basically is courtship permissible in Islam? Is this something the Prophet saw allowed the Muslims to do? I'm asking this because I'm so frustrated with people who say their religious who you catch chatting with guys online or texting...and they tell you they're just looking for someone serious to marry? How are you being serious by writing smiley faces and hearts to a guy on FB?! Im just really fed up...I know people who've spoken to numbers of people and claim they were looking for marriage when they're in no place to marry. How are you gonna end up marrying or being serious? Sorry for the ranting. Just need a solid answer. I feel like I already know the answer to my question. Just need some assurance..