Is it a sin (or Shreik)?


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I was wondering that in many islamic literature, it says that if a muslim beliefs objections of creation can have a capacity to do something or having powers or exerting a force is considered a sin and that only God has this capacity or force or power. So basically, is it wrong for a muslim to be in awe of the universe or an object that has a capacity or power or force? Wouldn't it be a loop hole as. God has created such object with such properties so in the end it all comes from God, so is that still considered Shreik? or a sin?

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Ya Rab! Forgive me..

Brother shirk is to take for worship any other than Allah. To be in awe of Allah's creation is good as long as your do not become obsessed with them and believe they are the answer to all the world's questions.... As you said - always remember that everything comes from Allah. Allah's creations are a sign for us.
If you are asking specifically to man-made things, for example a very powerful/fast car or an aeroplane, I think its okay to ponder about the intellect behind such creations and to enjoy its luxuries (coz intellect and opportunity to enjoy comes from Allah) as long as it doesnt cross the line of that object/person becoming worshipped.

I hope I understood your question correctly. *This is my opinion*


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Islam wants the ceature to be in owe of the creator directly why do people west their emotions to objects that are totally free from any power??? , force or energy but all it have is given by the creator Allah subhanahu wa taala. To be fair enough one should glorify the giver, the creator ........not the creation. This is the essence of Islam. hearts of people to the one creator, sustainer of All.

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