Is this better or worse??


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Assalaamu alaikum

I am a reverted Muslimah of almost 3 years and I posted on here sometime ago about how I have managed to do so much in Islam and learn so much alhamdulillah and I follow all aspects of hijaab for women in dress and heart, except the scarf - I have been really struggling with this one last thing.

Anyway now I have decided enough is enough I need to do something, especially with Ramadan coming and becasue I am reminded of the ayat that Allah swt does not change the situation of the people until they change it themselves.

So...what I was thinking was this - there are currently 2 reasons ( they are excuses actually) or obstacles that stop me from wearing the hijaab full time - 1. is my family and 2. is my work.

My family - is something I must deal with, they will never go away but maybe insha'allah with time I can chnage the way they feel about me wearing a headscarf.

My work - I hope to leave at some point in the next year insha'allah.

So for now I am thinking that when I am going about my daily life and these 2 obstacles/excuses do not apply, what other reason is there for me not wearing it - none. So surely, I should wear hijaab like at the weekends when I do not see my Mum and Dad and am not at work - I have no excuse then and also perhaps this is a good way to get used to it and find the strength of mind, body and iman with Allah swt's help to overcome the family hurdle and deal with their reaction head on.

I have been shopping and seen some beautiful scarves too which also motivates me - I know that these are all wrong motivations, that Allah swt alone should be enough for me, but I am trying.

Do you think for me to therefore wear hijaab only some of the time - i.e. evenings, weekends rather than all the time as a TEMPORARY measure and to get used to wearing full-time, is better or worse than not wearing it at all??

Part of me thinks its better cos I am making moves and effort to sort out my haraam behaviour. Another bit of me says its hypocritical though and I am blatantly putting things above Allah swt astifrugallah (like work and family)

Help me please - I really want to do this but I am struggling if this is the best route. I know hijaab is a fard and I know I am currently commiting haraam and thats why I have decided to do someting about. I would love to wear full -time but currently I do not have the strength to do this - is this temporary measure a step in the right direction?

Jazak'allah khair.


Layla x


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Cassius said:
I do not understand the term "revert". Well, I believe I do, but in all honesty, if you were non-Muslim before, and then became Muslim, you are a convert. Unless you reverted back to the religion?

Well, one day (I just say, one day), when you change to be a Muslim, you would rather call yourself a revert!...If you are not Muslim, you can call this lady, a convert...:biggrin: You said you do understand, so, I don't think I should explain you here in more details.


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We are born in the state of submission, the way God wanted. We are born muslims. When we "revert", that means we come back to our religion, Islam. We all are born muslims. Some of us has been raised christians, jews,.. but we are born muslims.
I hope i answered to your question,


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Dear sister,

I would suggest you to be strong in your Faith. On the day of the Judgement, those people won't stand infront of Allah for you. You probably need to do Jihad at this point....which mean, to struggle.

(I use the word Jihad, because, that is what we should do all the time. Please do not misunderstand this word.)

It might be to strong to suggest you in this way. You know what, I used to think the same. But then, one thing which is true. We will never know how much time Allah will give us to stay here...When we think about death, we won't wait to do this or that. We won't think of doing this or that for anyone in particular....


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dear sister islam is the religion of nature, it doesnt impose anything on us but invite us to accept the right whenever u feel convenient u declare ur religion to whole of theworld but if there are some obstacles in the way of doing it u leave it on allah s.w.t
keep in mind just one thing that we have very little time on this earth may be this very moment is our own............................
:ma: very beautiful smiley


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Dear Sister,

Putting on the Hijab is not the easiest thing. Many muslim women find it a major obstacle in their Islam, because of the potential social drama it can and usually does cause.

However, whatever the situation may be, remember one thing. Allah has given us the beautiful deen of Islam. Each commandment that we have been given has been given for a reason, some we know of, others we don't, but all we are to accept. InshaAllah.

The Hijab is one of them. Being a fardh in Islam, it is something that we should obey. Allah sees and hears your difficulties, and it is He who will reward you for your efforts.

Imagine it this way, the fact that the idea of putting on Hijab has come into your mind is a gift from Allah, and satan is trying to fight you away from it by making you dread the response of your family and work.

However, imagine if Allah decides never to put the thought of wearing hijab into your head again, imagine if you had this gift, and you turn it away because of the reaction of An-nas, and those would be people who are not from among Islam anyway - if they are to judge you for it negatively.

So ultimately you could be turning away a gift of guidance from Allah for people.
The choce is simple, but you need to get over this obstacle, and the only way you are going to get over it is by hurdling over it.

Yes you will be questioned, yes you will be rebuked, and yes you will be treated as if you don't speak a word of English you "poor deprived house cleaning baby making trapped servant of your husband" muslim! But who cares, because in the sight of Allah you are so precious, and so special that he wants only those people who will not look upon you with lust and distate to view your beauties. He loves you so much that He wants to protect you from the obsenities present in peoples minds today, as much as yesterday. And you love Him so much that in return....?

You will never get over what is to come until you actually face it - and whether you finish work in one two or ten years, shaytan will never leave you back until you turn your back to jannah and face the hell fire.

Accept your gift of guidance from Allah, there is no better time than NOW, and you will see, Allah will reward you for it, and after a little while (who knows maybe sooner than you think) all those things you feared will be of no relevance to you, because you did what you did for the sake of Allah, and He witnessed it and He is the one who provides.

May allah guide us all to the straight path, and may He help us to fight the temptations of the accursed shaytan,

my best wishes for you




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Umm Yusuf that was very good advice. Sister I understand what you are going through and I know its a very tough situation but its even much easier.I remember I posted a short story about THE PEARL AND THE ROSE.This 2exapmles were used to show the importance of hijab to a woman.They both represent women but the way they are treated are differently.The rose is beautiful for all the eyes,its being used and once the smell and its colour trys to fade then its being dumped, and for the pearl the beauty is hidden deep down under the sea one needs to go for it(Marriage) to see its beauty and the beauty never fades away and its always protected all the time.
Sister one thing we have to remember time is running as others have quoted and when one dies then you are burried alone and in the day of Judgement you will be judged alone too.If we love and fear Allah(s.w) then lets do eveything for His sake.He is the one who provide us with our daily bread(Alrazak) so lets not fear of loosing our jobs as Allah is the one with lots of wealth.Why should we try to please our bosses and not Allah(s.w)?
Our parents Allah told us to do good for them so the best way is to talk to them of your faith in a good way and to respect your decisions.By wearing Hijab doesnt mean you are keeping away from them.I know most people think Hijab represents slavery,servants but try to make them understand the beauty of it and they might accept its importance to you.
The Prophet :saw2: said, The one who is best towards Allah is the pious one.
So Sister this is a situation you should decide on your own so if you submit yourself to Allah then you do it and dont fear anything as this world we are just here temporary.There are so many test Allah will give us in this world but patience is important.

:jazaak: :bananabb2in:

shahzad shah

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Mashallah the intension are very good. As regard to this matter, I will remind ourselves about the sunnah of Allah. If we make an intension for something good, Allah will open ways to it and vice versa. Indeed there would be hurdles in the way but inshallah as you have made your mind, you will go through it. I dont see anything wrong on the idea of weekeneds as it would build courage in you.
As far job is concerned, I know many owmen in UK who works while wearing hijab.
May Allah be with you and give you the courage to be on the right path.

Umm Aysha

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Welcome sister to tti, nice of you to join us..:)

:ma: thats wonderful you are learning about islam, insha-allah you will gain knowledge here...

Sister i understand your situation, i no what you are going thru. I have been wearing hijab for 5 years :subhanallah:. It wasnt easy. I was still in high school at the time, it was a week before ramadan. I set my mind and heart this is right thing to do for allah.

There was all sorts of stuff going thru my head, mayb i shudn or mayb i shud wait a little longer....then i thot NO thats the shaitaan playing with me. So i decided to wear it a week before ramadan, neva regretted it since..
Many people i knew questioned Y?? People will ask and jus tell them the truth, its what allah commanded. I knew it was the right choice...

Where you work sister, is it a set code dress???

I dont tink its a problem you wearing hijab jus to get used to it, but you have to realise the hijab is for you to cover infront of strangers/people u dont no..

So wearing in evenings or at home doesnt really help...;)

Belive in allah swt and put ya trust in allah, he will help you on ya mission....:inshallah:



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I did it!

Assalaamu alaikum bros and sis

Further to my 1st post, I am happy to say I have been wearing hijaab at the weekend and in the evenings when out of the house for 1 week now alhamdulillah and I love it its been great.

This coming week I am going to tell my work colleagues that I will be wearing hijaab from the next day insha'allah - as I have not worn it to work yet. They know I am muslim but they sometimes forget cos I suppose I look like any other english girl at times ( apart from my clothes are very modest!)

i have had loads of women give me salaam in the street which has been lovely and never happened before. I am comfortable wearing it and I have not even been hot or anything.

Alhamdulillah I now feel a lot stronger too in my iman and in wearing it. Please make du'a for me that my 1st day at work wearing it this week is easy for me as I am still quite nervous but insha'allah it goes quickly and then I will be insha'allah full-time hijaab wearing sister. Please make du'a that wearing it at to work and also telling my parents and wearing in front of them is easy for me ( thats my last task .)

I really appreciate all the advice I got here jazak'allah khair it helped so much.



Umm Aysha

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Asalaam Alaykum

aaaw :subhanallah: sister that is wonderful...:)

Im so happy for you, allah swt does make it easy if you try...

I will do dua allah swt gives you courage to wear it to work and easy for you to tell your parents....:inshallah:


Fatima Rizvi

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Congratulation Lyla!

I am so very much impressed with your courage and determination.By wearing hijaab and covering yourself as a muslim women is supposed to you have proven your love To Allah.I am sure this will strengtheren your believe and bulit courage.May Allah bless you and pray that Allah makes me atrong as you are.
All the best


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Wa alaykum Salam Wa Rahmatullah,

thats great Sister Layla

welcome back to the website, it is nice to hear from you once more and you bring us good news.

May Allah make it easy for you!!! Ameen.

Let us know how that stage goes.



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salam alykom

my dear sister ,
i know what is ur feeling coz i face that with my sisters here i help some of them to convert or revert to islam , and they have the same hardship on wearing the scarf of course the men didnot understand why its hard and the born muslim too but u knw we are here in uae and one of that girls go to iran to change the visa u know in iran u have to cover ur hair obligatory even christian when they enter the country so she cover her hair in iran , u see she respct the rule of the country , what about Allah ?
my dear sister to wear the scarf for a time its mean that u know its fard and u have to wear it , and i know that its better u will used to wear it later , ok my sister u know if u leave some thing for Allah , Allah will provide u by some thing better than it ,
for the family i dont know whats wrong with family if u go in sexy dress they will not blame u but if you cover ur hair they will blame u ?
for the work just hope that Allah will help u and give you the right chance and the power to get better chance that u can wear it


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I am glad for you sister that you will now choose to wear hijab at work and i will make dua'a for you that you have an easy time of things. Just know that Allah swt is with you always and in everything you do, when it is done with him in mind. And no matter what hold your head up high and know where you will be going on day you leave this earth because when you keep in mind heavenly things, your heart will never cease to rejoice and no one can take away the smile from your face!
as salaamu alaykm wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh