Isa (as) & Evil Dajjal (the "anti-Christ")?


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The days are yet and the Isa And the Evil Dajjal are on the earth right know any more details ... you want to know


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Minor Signs

"The coming of the Last Prophet, Muhammad ibn Abd-Allah (SAW)." [This has already happened, of course.]
"The slave will become the master."
"Shepherds will compete in the construction of tall buildings." [The modern ex-nomads of Saudi Arabia are an excellent example of this.]
"Knowledge of Islam will be taken away while ignorance will increase. This removal of knowledge will be because old scholars will die and fewer and fewer new scholars will replace them.
The leaders of the Muslims will be chosen from ignorant people, and they will rule according to their whims." [Today, studying Islam formally is considered to be an inferior career in most of the Muslim world. The leaders of the Muslim world are more known for their political or military prowess (oppressive ability?) than Islamic knowledge.]
"Drinking and fornication will increase heavily."
"The population of men will decrease, and women increase till fifty women shall be for every man."
"There will be such an abundance of wealth that people will not be able to find recipients for zakat."
"Killing will increase."
"Time will be shortened so that a year will be like a month, a month like a day, a day like an hour." [This perception of the seemingly dwindling amount of time is very apparent, especially in First World countries.]
"Two great countries will fight and kill each other, both claiming the same thing."
"Earthquakes will increase in number." [Welcome to California. :-]

These are all going in the world and what these sings not show that the Isa & "Al-Dajjal Are right know in the world ...


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