TurnToIslam Islam and slavery: Why does Islam allow sex with female slaves

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If you believe in Quran and the message of Allah swt then you should not even argue with this fact. Quran is true in all aspects.

Right, we must believe that at the time the Quran was revealed, slavery existed and men were encouraged to treat their slaves as wives by having sex with them. In doing so, the women were no longer slaves but accorded the same rights as wives.

Now, slavery is illegal. Whether it exists or not is irrelevant...lots of bad things exist. It is illegal to have a slave.

Furthermore, sharia is clear. A man cannot be alone with a woman. Therefore, how can he possibly capture a woman and make her his slave?? He is not allowed to even look at her -- how can he be allowed to capture her? And remember, a slave is not a prisoner. Prisoners are held in confinement as a form of punishment. Slaves are "owned" by their masters and forced to perform labour without payment.

The Quran does not say "you can be with a woman by making her your slave". The Quran addresses the slaves that were already in existence at the time of jahaliya, in order to help give them rights and take them out of slavery.