Islam Forbids Kidnapping, Killing Civilians

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    Islam Forbids


    Killing Civilians​

    Muslim scholar Yusuf Al-Qaradawi has vehemently opposed kidnapping and killing innocent civilians, urging the release of four Italian and French individuals recently abducted in Iraq.
    Qaradawi – known for moderate views and is a familiar face in many world Islamic events – stressed that civilians hailing even from the United States should not be combated in the war-scarred country.
    "Islam deals strictly with such a matter of bloodshed. It forbids the killing of innocent people who have nothing to do with wars," Qaradawi said

    Qaradawi - the head of the International Association of Muslim Scholars (IAMS) - condemned the recent abduction of two Italian aid workers in Iraq , urging their release as soon as possible, saying the fact that Italy had sent troops to Iraq was irrelevant for the pair were civilians.

    "While Italy joins in the war on Iraq , millions of Italians took to the streets to demonstrate against the war. Moreover, the two hostages work for a humanitarian organization which has nothing to do with the war," he elaborated.

    Italians were stunned over the abduction of charity workers Simona Pari and Simona Torretta. The two women, both 29, were snatched from their Baghdad office on Tuesday, September 7.
    "Muslims are forbidden from kidnapping innocent people who have nothing to do with wars," Qaradawi said, noting that the two Italian women have been in Iraq even before the war broke out.
    Asked about doubts the two Italians could have been working as spies for the US intelligence, Qaradawi made it clear Islam does not call for shedding blood just for suspicions.
    "The religion is set against taking the lives of innocent people just for mere suspicions."

    The aid organization for which Pari and Torretta used to work for is a long-standing opponent of Western policy towards Iraq , and had campaigned vigorously against the crippling UN sanctions enforced against Iraq due to its 1990 invasion of Kuwait right up to last year.
    Under Saddam Hussein's regime, it ran health care, education and water treatment projects in a bid to alleviate their impact on the Iraqi people.

    Qaradawi appealed to the hostage-takers for stopping their practices, which he said tarnish the image of Islam and associate it with terrorism.

    "I call on them to watch Allah and stop such practices which unfairly brand Islam with terrorism and do disservice to its adherents."

    The appeal also covers two French reporters taken hostage in Iraq by an armed group calling itself the Islamic Army in Iraq . The kidnappers threatened to kill the two men unless France rescinded a law banning hijab in state schools.
    Muslims in France and across the world have rallied for securing the release of the kidnappers, warning such widely-hyped practices could trigger a backlash.
    Qaradawi also condemned the kidnapping of school children in Beslan, southern Russia, where over 300 people, mostly including children, were killed and at least 700 others injured in the three-day hostage siege.

    Qaradawi dismissed reports that he had issued a fatwa allowing the killing of American civilians in Iraq in a press conference at the Egyptian Press Syndicate a few days ago.
    "I did not issue such a fatwa."
    He went on: "I was speaking on Islam's view on pluralism. I said Islam has never worked to destroy any nation or expel people from their lands or push them to change their culture or religion. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has always respected nations and worked to preserve their bloods."
    However, Qaradawi said he is of the view that fighting against the US occupation forces in Iraq as a legitimate sort of resistance.
    "Fighting the American invaders in Iraq is an obligation. I oppose any nation that invades other countries irrespective of its religion. I say fighting the American invaders is a must endorsed by heavenly religions and international agreements."
    "If there are US civilians in Iraq , they are treated in accordance with the Islamic tenets which stipulate the killing of civilians is forbidden, but those who fight the Iraqis must be killed as they are invaders."
    Qaradawi was keen to draw a distinction between facing the US forces of Iraq and killing American civilians, who have nothing to do with the invasion and occupation of the oil-rich country.
    "Islam forbids the killing of civilians, children, women and elderly, this is the law of war in Islam," he maintained.
    Qaradawi stressed that he has never used the term of "killing" either in his books, lectures or speeches.

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