Islamic Calendar for Muslim Ummah – A Smartphone Application

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    Calendars are the way to help people in keeping track of different important events of life either personal or religious. It give you details about what day and date of the month it is along with different phases of the moon. Islamic calendar is a beautiful Smartphone application with a classic look, which contains information about two different version of calendars observed in different areas of the world. Application is available for free of cost, use the links below to download this useful calendar application.

    The details about number of useful features are as following:

    1. The application Islamic Calendar deals with two different versions include, Gregorian and Hijri Calendars. As name shows It focuses more on Hijri calendar but equally good with Gregorian version.
    2. Application provides you an option to view both calendars on the same screen along with different markers showing current date and special Islamic events of the month.
    3. You can further convert particular date into other version using feature of calendar converter. Just enter your specific date and you will get the other in no time.
    4. Application also provides you a list of Islamic events along with their Hijri and Gregorian dates. It is a great help to prepare for event prior to the occurrence.

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