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*.* We Used Pencils.. When We Were Small..
*.* *.* But Now
*.* We Use Pens//Ball Pen....
*.* Do You Know Why....??
*.* Mistakes In ChildHood Can Be Erased But Not Now...

binte muslimah

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Our prayers connect us to our Lord ”ALLAH” that’s why we have to work hard to keep this connection safe and pure … let’s save our prayers! ♥

binte muslimah

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♦ Hard work is like stairs and Luck is like a lift ♦

♦ A Lift may fail sometimes but the stairs will always get You to the TOP ♦

binte muslimah

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Why do we need a close friend when we have so many friends around us,
A great writer said:
There are many gases in the Air but we still need oxygen.

A good friendship for the sake of ALLAH can lead you both to Jannah. :)

binte muslimah

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To loved someone is nothing,
To be loved by someone is something,
To be loved by someone you love is exciting,
but to be loved by (الله) is everything!!
May (الله) include us among those whom HE loves..