Isn't it time?


Sab'a Sita Ethnain
Free-verse (doesn't rhyme)

Isn't it time?
By Abu Khattab

Is it not time? I ask you O brother,
That the saddles are placed and the swords are drawn?
Is it not time for our tears to mean something?
Instead of weeping over material that we surely can't grasp.

Is it not time that we walk on the sand,
For our feet to be shielded from the unmerciful blaze?
Is it not time that our blood is avenged,
Instead of flowing through the fingers of oppression and cruelty?

The land a witness to our heavy marching,
The thunder of our steps and the rustling of metal.
Combining together to make the sounds of preparation,
Towards a battle that shall claim some devils and martyrs.

Is it not time that we both stop weeping?
For have not our hearts bled enough from their wounds?
For I've become tired of wishing and dreaming,
While my brothers have beaten me to the gardens of bliss.

How can I smell if I'm not smelling the dust,
That shoots in the air as we run towards bliss?
How can I see if I don't see the enemies,
Who swarm the field ready to battle with me?

How can I taste if I can't taste my blood,
After being hit and smashed in my shattered jaw?
How can I hear if I haven't heard the chants,
Of "Allah is the Greatest" when our swords meet theirs?

How can I feel if I haven't felt the pain,
Strike within me when my blood is shed?
How can I ever have any of these senses?
If indeed I haven't used them in the best of ways?

Is it not time for our sisters to become women,
To live with men and to raise a few?
Then to push them away to meet their Lord,
And not look back on something that they'll see again?

Isn't it time O honourable mother,
That you farewell your son that you surely did raise?
For you raise them for a purpose and that is to obey,
But obedience to the Creator comes before the creation.

Is it not time that our words become actions,
Instead of remaining on parchment and stored in books?
Or have we not finished making transparent excuses,
To push away Paradise and draw in the demise?

Is it not time that we win that kiss,
The kiss of our maiden that we so very desire?
Is it not time that we smell her scent,
And be lost in the gardens while holding her hand?

Is it not time that we meet our brothers,
Who've rejoiced in the gardens while waiting for us?
Ja'far, Hamza, and the rest of the band,
Do you not seek to spread your wings with them?

Is it not time that we dry our tears,
And allow for our hearts to beat once more?
For indeed the world has turned it's back on us,
But we turn our faces towards our Lord.

Isn't it time my little brother,
That you grasp my hand and walk with me?
Isn't it time that we walk on that sand,
Towards a dream that is becoming so real?

What awaits you in this life is bound to end,
But what awaits you in the next surely has no end.
Either one of two you'll pass one day,
The fire of your Lord or the Gardens of His.

So tell me my brother isn't it time?
That we spend with our lives just as we spend with our wealth?
Be my brother and raise your weapon,
And let us get struck with the same arrows and swords.

These are questions I ask you my brother,
At a time where I see you falling onto thorns.
On this night when the rain is falling all over,
We shall dodge the droplets and remain firm on this way.

For indeed it is time that we ignore the world,
Just like they've ignored us for our entire lives.
Forget the weeping and begin to smile,
For the time we've longed for has finally come.


Pearl of Islaam
Assalamu allaicum wa raahmatullah wa baarkatuhu

Mashallah dear brother. Your poem is very beautiful,and mashallah very Islamic poem too. :hijabi:

May Allah subhan we teala protect and guide all our Muslim Ummah and that we never forget to keep our deen Islaam. Ameen ya Rabby

Jazzak Allah khair dear brother for sharing your poems with us.



Junior Member
Aslaamealykum warahamtulah wabarakatuhu

MashAllah tabarakAllah what a deep poem..... May Allah give you the tawfeeq to continue sharing such beautiful poems with us akhi ameen


Sab'a Sita Ethnain
Asalamu 'Alaykuum,

I apologize for the delay in response to your comments, so please forgive me inshallah.

I'd just like to say Jazakuum Allahu Kheir to all of you for your kind and motivating comments. May Allah reward you all with Ferdose Al-A'la underneath which rivers flow..

Wasalam 'Alaykuum Wa Rahmat Allah Wa Barakatu.


ربنا اغفر لنا ذنوبنا
Staff member
I wonder where this brother disappeared to? His poems were awesome, maashaa'Allaah!

May Allaah `azza wa jall keep everyone safe--those of us that are present here and those that aren't!