it's important thread pls,bro ,sis


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salam a likum,bro,sis
Love all of u for the sake of Allah
Just want talk about Chance....Chance ALLAH give to US everyday when we wake up,but we didn't feel..

Chance for doing good deeds
Chance For honing Your Life

Want know this chance? Let's take a trip togather..While we're sleeping


it's el-Aisha prayer.then You read quraan then u sleep..
So the trip start
first when u sleep ur spirit Go to allah...then Allah 's the one he decide to give ur spirit back To YOUR body OR Not

When Allah Give You ur spirit again,when u wake up..
Thank him...He Give chance to Live ,Chance to do good deeds

So..bro,sis..I ask all of You,,when all of u wake up for praying el-fajir
pray two rakats to thank allah for giving u chance to live again

thank you all for reading

it's night over here,I'll go to sleep...So my trip will start soon
Hope allah give me a new chance tomorrow
If Allah didn't give me this chance..and i,hope to join jannah and see You all there...Ameen
Love You for the sake of Allah

PS:sorry bro,sis..for ma silly title:p:p:p:p


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welcome bro to tti very nice introduction.may Allah(swt) let u die as a believer and us all.Ameen Ya Rabulalameen


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:ma: that was very good
don't worry about the title its very beneficial
and i tink eveyone shoud read it inshallah
May Allah add it in ur good deedz for sharin it with us
inshallah Ameen.
take care


Subhana Allah!

:ma::ma::ma:nice reminder sister, jazak Allahu khayra. may Allah subhana wata'ala grant u jannatul firdowsa ameen:)


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shukran for the reminder sister , i always use to say ALLAH( AZA WA JALLAH)HAS given us especially we born muslims , (who take this deen al ISLAM for granted) are given a second chance to come back to the right path.Many of us dont do, that but once we die in that state we wont get that second chance . its too late then . May ALLAH (SUBHANA WA TALAA) guide those you are lost amin.