Video Jan's Story Why She Loves Islam


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[imgleft][/imgleft]Sister Jan is an English Revert to Islam. She explains why she loves Islam so much. She converted from Christianity, "my friends say you were a Good Christian, why have you sold out?, almost is what they would imply.. my answer to that is well i didnt know about the Prophet (Muhammad :saw:) so its been enriching of my faith" ..........

..........."It was only in the 1960s (in England), when we (women) could open a bank account without having our husband sign the bank cheque. Islamic Women have always had those rights. If i stick to what the Quran says to me, and what the message is, it is very clear to me, that i have total equality. Just do what it says, and nobody can argue with me on that."..............

This short film follows her journey to beginning to wear the Hijab and learning more about Islam. May Allah help her and make it easy for her.



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This was informative of how one person, so deeply concerned with what the Qur'an says, is foremost for her, instead of copying how other muslims dress.
Her comments about the various cultures who wear the hijab a certain way was a good observation, because most cultures bring with them their nationality of dress.
It mentions that her peers were already aware of her interest in Islam, so this was not a shock to them, according to the video, for her to wear the hijab.
Although her neck shows a lot, perhaps in time, she will adjust to the proper coverage of the hijab.
Right now, she is doing what she believes in. If the 'critics' of her dress are too strong, it is because they possibly grew up among those wearing full hijabs...In time, she might want to cover more of her neck, etc. thus allowing the face, hands, and feet only to be seen.
This video is good for anyone to 'hear' and 'see' how a revert thinks about this change.



Im LoViNg It.. ISLAM

:ma: my sister. u cant imagen how proud i am to see u whit hijab :)
in these days many reverts wear hijab and make salah ALHAMDULILAH while many moslim born sister dont wear hijab or make salah:frown: include my own 2 sister :frown: :frown: and everday i ask and tell them to make salah.the day they start whit salah and wear hijab i will be the happyst brother in the world:) INSALLAH that day will come soon for all ur sisters.

how can it be that moslim born sister and brother dont make salah or wear hijab, dont they LOVE ALLAH (swt) or at lest FEAR Him?? we are born whit ISLAM in ur blood. every salah we misses in this world we will surely make it in the other no doubt of that ! (so why not be rewarded by ALLAH (swt) )
do we really think that we have Hasanat enough to enter JENNAH?? everyday we live we should ask urself !what have i done for ALLAH (swt) today ? is He pleased whit me? pls brothers and sisters make ur salahs it only take 10-15 min per day. 10-15 min per day for enter JENNAH 4 ever

sister jan im very proud of u, may ALLAH (swt) make it easy on u and reward u whit JENNAH :inshallah:

your brother


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Assalamu Alaikum



:ma: :ma: :ma: :ma:

May Allah(Swt) guide all of us to the straight path. (Ameen)

Abu Sarah

Allahu Akbar
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الحمد لله

الله أكبر

May Allah(Swt) guide all of us to the straight path. (Ameen)

<i'm a proud to be Muslim >

<i'm a proud to born Muslim>

alhamed liAllah



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Salam alikum
Don't worry about this lady, this is the way all new muslims must start, slowly and not rush into things cos if u do u could find it too much at some times. this is the way new muslims should follow: at first nothing apart from La'ilaha Illa Allah, Muhammad rasulu Allah. and then start learning and then practicing one at a time :biggrin:


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ya allah

The male and female believers are friends of one another. They command what is right and forbid what is wrong, perform prayer and pay alms, and obey Allah and His Messenger. They are the people on whom Allah will have mercy. Allah is Almighty, All-Wise. (Qur'an, 9:71)

Umm Aysha

*Strive for Jannah*

:subhanallah: that was brilliant, really good to watch.

Jazakallah khayr brother bro sharing it with us...



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islam is our way

one day all the earth will become muslim
barak allah fee all brothers who bring such nice videos


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Masha Allah!!! If it is possible, that she can see this, I want her to know that, she is not alone, and we are here as her sisters. Everything comes with time, You HAVE MADE A GREAT START SISTER... step by step insAllah you will excell in your faith...Amen


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i can't describe how i felt, it meade me cry , she is such a nice woman Mashallah May Allah SWT bless her
Jazak Allah Khair


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Salaam alikoum. May you stay strong sister. We are proud of you for overcoming your fears for the sake of Allah swt, and for your religion.



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wow sister jan marshallaah

It is an eye opening video for pple who are looking to convert to islam,sis Jan,s story gives someone like me hope that i can do things a step at a time and i for one shall be following sis Jans example...Noor:ma:


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people, you cant know how much its a relief to me seeing that website, I'm a Muslim and i try to be a good one, i have seen a video where some guys and i try badly to control my self and not saying bad words but those guys did burn the Quran and made that video and i was soooo angry at all of the western world, But God sent me that website to tell me not to give up wetsren people and that light is every where, I'm so porud of you people i wish someday every body sees how beautiful this religion is, may Allah bless you all my dear brothers and sisters :) .