Video Jewish revert to Islam.


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I was borned and raised in ''Israel'' in Jerusalem/al Quds. My parents and relatives were all jewish and zionist so naturally i took after them and did not like arabs or muslims in general because i was taught to see them as terrorists and such things. For most of my life i had these feelings until i was about 23 years old. Around that time i met an arab girl who i started to talk to pretty much and become good friends with eventually. This woman was so proud and strong in her faith yet so very accepting and humbly in her attitude to other non muslims like i where at the time. This chocked me because i used to think that all arab muslim women were submissive and repressed and that they hated non muslims but she was totally different. I became interested in Islam by that so i started to ask her many questions about Islam and her beliefs and the answers she gave me only furhter increased my curiosity. By then i was on the path to conversion already and everyday i studied the Quran and everything about Islam trying to further increase my knowledge about the religion. After some months i made the choice. I firmly believed in Islam and thus saw no other option but to revert and i said the Shahada infront of some sisters including my good friend who had helped me to the right path. I then went to the Islamic Court to register myself as a muslim Subhan'Allah. After that i married a palestinian man and then we moved to the USA because of problems with my family and other things like him finding work. I now live in the USA, have 3 children and wear the Niqab since a year due to a personal choice of coming closer to Allah and increasing my iman. Masha'Allah i now live in accordance to the will of the creator and try to live as a good muslimah in everything i do in life.

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:salam2: Sister,

Welcome to Islam and welcome to TTI.

:ma: for taking bold step and accepting the Truth of Islaam despite social pressures.

I hope your stay here would be beneficial.



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WOW.... What a wonderful story dear sister Faiza. Welcome to the Ummah of our beloved Prophet Mohammad :saw:

May Allah (SWT) bless you with goodness in life and the next, and grant you Jannah Al-Fidous. Ameen.

Did you try to explain Islam to the rest of your family? What was their reactions?

They were Zionists... Haan. How different Zionists are from the regular non-Zionist Jews?
Do they classify themselves as Zionists rathar than Jews.


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Impressive and inspiring introduction, MashaAllaah.

Welcome to TTI.


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Wa Aleikum Salam Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu dear sister,

MashaAllah I found very interesting the reversions from judaism, and so challeging as well, may Allah continuously bless and guide you sister, Ameen