Just a little note


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salaam everyone

how are you all? hope everyone is ok inshallah

thats all i really came on to say

and i wanted to ask if you would pray for me, i have exams very soon [as i'm sure many of you do].. i am have been revising but for some reason i feel like i'm going to fail :(

but i've got faith Allah to help me :)

jazakAllah for anyone who does :)

i shall pray for you all and i have done after my prayers recently :)

wow this had become really long lol


your sister, nafeesa

zainab bala

Allah is sufficient.
sister nafeesa dont worry, Allah is in control.
do your best and leave all to Him.
i hope to hear the good news insha Allah,
Best wishes.


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first of all welcome back dear sister

second of all may Allah make it easy for you .

so study hard and keep up the good work .

salaam sis :)


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salaam sisters

jazakAllah to both of you, you have reassured me.. sister Zainab i am only hoping at this moment that it will be good news lol

and do not not worry i am studying hard!!

jazaAllah sisters



Wa Alaikum as salaam
sis, this is 4 U-
If u want success in life;
be Sweet like Honey, Regular like Clock,
Fresh like Rose, Soft like Tissue, Strong like Rock, Sure like Death
& smart like ME;) no, no, this is just a joke....wanted u to smile:)

relax, dont worry.....Just Do Your BEST and Leave The Rest!!!
Good Luck!!