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    Kid’s brain grows quickly in fist three years and yet they learn most of things between this age. In today’s fast growing technological era children learn almost everything necessary in their first ten years. Taking such things in mind developers of creates a masterpiece for those kids who live abroad and face difficulties to find a good teacher who taught them basics of Islam. Kid’s dua series is a smart phone app that teaches all necessary Dua’s (supplications) necessary in daily life.

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    kids Dua Series Download For Android | kids Dua Series Download For Iphone

    Kid’s dua series works as an instructor, where user have a choice to select between different age groups such as Age (1-3), Age (4-6), and Age (6-9). Each group has its own functionality. Its easy interface makes it unique from other similar apps. Kid’s dua series is designed for both android and IOs devices and it is completely free.

    Some functions of Kid’s dua series mobile app

    · As mentioned above, Main feature is the three age groups

    · Age (1-3):- this group has those supplications that are usually one word and are easily memorize able.

    · Age (3-6):- this group contains supplications that are used in daily life for example

    o Dua before entering toilet

    o Dua before eating meal

    o Dua before entering Masjid

    o Dua for Knowledge etc

    · Age (6-9):- this age group are designed with duas more than a sentence long

    o Dua for Ablution

    o Dua before leaving home

    o Dua before entering home

    o Dua before wearing Cloths Etc

    · Instruction tab makes it possible for a user to learn the app completely.

    · Play back audio option can be used in order to learn duas with correct pronunciation.

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