Laser Eye Surgery (Treatment) tomorrow, Make dua plz

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Asslamo Allaikum,

Tomorrow is my big date with destiny.

Please make dua that it all goes well.

I have opted for LASEK instead of the newer LASIK so supposed to be off the laptop & everything else for 5 days!


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Asslamo Allaikum,

Tomorrow is my big date with destiny.

Please make dua that it all goes well.

I have opted for LASEK instead of the newer LASIK so supposed to be off the laptop & everything else for 5 days!

Asalaamu Alaikum Brother. Don't worry, and inshaAllah i will make dua. My dad had eye surgery as well and he turned out fine. Hope the best for you inshaAllah. :salam2: :tti_sister: :tti_sister: :hijabi: :hijabi:


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Inshallah everything will be fine. Will make Du'a too.

I will stick with the glasses for now :)



La Ilaha Illa Allah
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May Allah make it easy for you and give u and all muslims in the world Health and peace, ameeeen.


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I had mine done 18 mths ago & it was one of the best things I have done.

I will make dua that yours goes as well as mine brother.

Sis Aisha


ALLAH is in my heart
dont worry will all b fine INSHALLAH. My mom had eye surgery two yeares ago and she turned out u will also b fine INSHALLAH .v all will make dua for u n ur health INSHALLAH.


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Assalaamu alaikum

May Allah swt make things easy and comfortable and successful for you tomorrow Ameen!

Please can you tell me bro - or sister AishaR - I am thinking about getting it done....I have quite poor eyesight - short-sighted and I mostly wear contact lenses but of course the surgery sounds so good and natural choice....I keep umming and ahhing and then chickening out! :shymuslima1: What convinced you both and how was your eye sight before hand?? Mine is minus 5 and minus 6 - so I am worried that my eyes will get bad again after because they are so bad and I wont be able to wear lenses then and just be stuck with glasses...which I know its vain, astifrugallah, but I hate them on me! ( they seem to look nice on everyone else!)

Jazak'allah khair



Subhanallah, May Allah guide you through, and i pray everything goes well InshAllah.:tti_sister: :tti_sister:


Salaam Brother,

InshaAllah it will be fine. The procedures are almost as old as I am. And consider yourself lucky..they told me I am too old for it!!


:tti_sister: :tti_sister: Will be in my duaas brother!! Everything will be fine inshallah!:blackhijab:


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Assalamu alaikum warah matullahi wabarakatuh,

Insyaallah will dua for u,all is going well.



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Inshallah hope it goes all well for you akhi,all our prayers are with you.:tti_sister:



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ishallah every thing will be okey. i know how u feel i have a very poor eye sight (-5/-6) and would do any thing to make it better. i cant even read a letter from 20 cm from my eyes and i am short sighted.


Progress Report!

Asslamo Allaikum,

My eye-sight is not that bad -1.25 & -1.50 but due to heavy astigmatism I get headaches if I drive or take the train and it doesn’t matter whether I us my glasses or not.

OK! So I get there in the morning and I must admit I started to get 2nd thoughts about this & when I was under the machine, I was like “Forget this”!
You are supposed to focus on a flashing orange dot (Laser) & the guy cuts the top of your cornea and removes the flap and I moved so on my left eye the FLAP went side-ways (& you can feel it) ...So the Consultant (who is a friend of a friend) goes, “Mr Khan, you are very fidgety” ...he had to reposition it...

Then you hear the Laser burning your eye & you smell but don’t fell anything!
The Surgeon playing with the FLAP on your eye is the most uncomfortable thing I have EVER gone through....Its not painful, its just uncomfortable and queasy

After the surgery you eyes play tricks on you...your vision keeps going from perfect to very bad (and this will happen for the first few days)...

I came hope and just fell asleep because eyelids were so heavy & then when I woke up when my eyes were so swelled up that I couldn’t even open them, meanwhile you have 3 different kinds of drops to keep putting in...

I had to sleep again because eyes are so heavy, can’t keep them open...

I have a lens in my eye because I have gone for LASEK which means:
1. More Pain
2. Longer recovery
3. Lens to cover the very top of the eye so it can heal

But they haven’t cut my cornea and created a FLAP which never heals (just sticks due to surface tension); I don’t like the idea of something lose in my eye ;)

4-5 patients out of a 100% may require touching up & I hope that I am not one of them...

I am not supposed to be on the computer or drive so I better write this quick before driving to the Masjid for Maghrib.
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