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    The word Qunoot literals meaning is obedience and hence the complete Dua-e-Qunoot become the words of obedience. This is the Dua from Quran that we Muslims need to utter daily in our witr prayer. To teach your kids about Dua you can download an Islamic application designed by QuranReading.com. It is available to use for both users of Android and iPhone. Links to mentioned below :

    The particular application is a source of great information about Dua from Quran along with numerous features to make learning process more effective. Let start with the details about some of its key features:

    1. Dua from Quran is given with two different modes of learning one is word by word and the other is full dua.
    2. Each mode is given with transliterations, translation and audio to listen either word by word or full dua. This is to help you in having better understanding about Quran and Quranic verses.
    3. App also defines you a meaning of Dua name along with its significance.
    4. Further it also provides you a list of benefits that Allah swt has promised to grant against each recitation.
    5. Modification of app screen is also possible using the customization options given in the settings. That includes change theme color, enable autoplay and much more.

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