learning and starting praying

your Akhi

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aselamun aleykum wa rahmatullah wa baraktu

i want to start learning praying.
now i have about 9 days till ramadhan is starting.

i heard fasting ans ramadhan is sensless if i dont pray.
is this true? and how to pray in the during time when i learn to pray?

sorry for my bad english.

aleykumin selam


Assalaam walaikum,

Do not worry. It is hand in hand. Allah will provide a path of ease for you. On this website they have videos that will help you learn to pray.

If you are able to go to a masjid there are many who will help you. Do it slowly. Do not punish yourself..it is a process. It takes time. Ask Allah and He will send you all that you need.

Prayer is the most important aspect of our faith. It is what makes us different from those who do not believe.


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Assalam alykum, I actually only recently learned the proper way to pray about two months ago, right before i learned the right way to spell "assalam alykum" (thanks to brother ilyas eh). i really started taking islam seriously a year ago and it took all that time before i learned to pray. I regret not finding out sooner. So your not alone, take your time but try ro learn, its really easy.

your Akhi

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aselamun aleykum

thank you for your awnsers!
how long did you needed to learn to pray?
i heard that some learnd to pray in 1 week, is this true or whats the average time, not for a child? i am 22 years old now. i dont had a islamic education.

sorry for my bad english, i am from middle europe.

aleykumin selam!


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Walykumusalaam warahmatulah wabarakatuhu akhi

performing salaah is the second pillar of Islaam, there are five altogether:

1)Shahadah (Declaration of faith)

2)Performing Salah

3)Sawm (Fasting in the month of Ramadan)

4) giving Zakaah

5) performing Hajj.

Alhumdulilah I am happy that Allah has shown you the light of Islam and you have returned to Him...

Right as for your question about how long it take to learn it all.... well i can assure you it does not take long, it all depends on how enthusiastic/determined you are to learn it......

One of my friends who took the shahadah learnt how to perform salah within two weeks mashAllah... So brother dont worry you will pick it up quickly just keep going over it daily inshAllah.... May Allah make it easy for you ameen.....