I'm not what you believe

It was like a dream at the opened eyes,
a sweet feeling of warm in my heart ran down
when I saw you for the first time.
I was sure that you were real only when I tighted you in my arms.
For each moment I spent for you,
there is a little part of me which regrets
when you were little.
I reflect my eyes in yours and make a jump in the past
every time I see you smiling with your innocence
and how with you tenderly give me a hug or a kiss,
and in myself I think that it's too beautiful to be true,
but Allah blessed me giving to me you,light of my eyes.

dedicated to my children malika,amina and imran

Umme Ali

Junior Member

Dear sister,
A beautiful piece of your motherly thoughts. May allah keep your children in his loving care, with all our muslim children the world over. Ameen

May He grants us more Aishas, Alis, Abu bakrs and Omars, Khaled bin Waleeds and all that we need.

Salam alakum
Umme Ali


Junior Member

awesome poem sis!may ALLAH guide all our children to the right path,i hope n pray they make us proud in this world n hereafter by preserving their deen to the best of their ability...ameen