Longing for redemption

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    Longing for redemption

    My company remains my wandering heart,
    As the candles burn a sombre glow.
    The night a thief that steals my time,
    As the tears from my eyes continue to flow.

    I talk to my heart in hope it'll respond,
    But silence, its response, empty in tone.
    I try again, as my hope slowly fades,
    My only company as hard as a stone.

    My thought wanders off in dreams of beyond,
    What awaits a man who is remorseful yet shattered?
    I question myself but I'm unable to answer,
    My heart is mute, confused and battered.

    Memories pass of my happiest days,
    I cling to their threads as they escape my grasp.
    My reach falls short of capturing them,
    Every time I try, I hold my breath and gasp.

    It's as though I have died a million deaths,
    Tired as I walk on a narrowing path.
    I stumble like a drunk upon its edges,
    A fool that longs amongst people who laugh.

    I ask myself, where is that happiness?
    Where is my life and what is this death?
    The beauty has faded, and the white now black,
    Again and again, I take my last breath.

    Unable to answer myself in the abode,
    That has defeated a man who was once defiant.
    How will I answer you, oh Merciful One,
    When my sins are staggering like a wandering giant?

    All the days that passed brought with them a chance,
    To redeem myself for my continuing crime.
    But enticed too easily by the comfort of sin,
    Denying that chance, time after time.

    I pushed You away when You brought me closer,
    And I dug my own grave when I strayed away.
    Yet still You remained to answer my cries,
    When others avoided coming my way.

    What do I do, oh Merciful One?
    I am lost as if in the deepest of oceans.
    Even after all I have pushed away,
    My heart still longs for the purest devotions.

    I wrote this my Lord on a lonely night,
    Except with Your knowledge, you guided my hand.
    I only hope that I am not lost forever,
    When in front of You, I am asked to stand.

    The only redemption I see in the night,
    Is to be honourable in action and overcome my strife.
    And I see tonight, like I always have,
    That the only way is to give you my life.
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    Ma sha Allah this poem is amazing!! Ya Allah forgive our sins amin :-(

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