I'm not what you believe
Love is a so complicated matter,
that when you think you know it better,
you have to start from zero everytime it hurts you.
It makes you fly,it turns your head;all you can do
is to surrender to this storm of emotions,
which make you understand nothing.
And when it sadly finishes,you feel half-dead,
you spend all day crying in your bed.
It's not easy understanding why
Allah gave us a feeling which makes us cry,
but it's a so beautiful pain,
that if I could,I'd like to feel it again.
Love is all I can give without asking anything back;
love makes the heart beating faster,
maybe it's the one percent of Paradise,maybe more,
but don't close your heart fearing you'll suffer,
because behind the love there is only the love.


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mashaAllah very nice, I like to comment that the essential part of our worship in Islam is Love.

Yahya ibn Muadh said, "A muster seed's amount of love is more beloved to me than seventy years of worship without love!"

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More about Love:

Abu Bakr Al-Kattaar said, "An issue concerning love (mahabbah) came up in Makkah during the days of the Pilgrimage. The sheikhs spoke on the matter. Junayd was present and he was the youngest amongst them. So they said to him, 'Give us what you have O Iraqi!' He lowered his head in humility and his eyes shed tears, and he spoke: '(How great is) a slave who has left himself, connected to the dhikr of his Lord, upholding His rights, witnessing Him with his heart. The lights of His Essence have burned his heart and his drink is pure from the cup of His pure love. If such a one speaks, it is by Allah. If he utters, it is from Allah. If he moves, it is by the command of Allah. If he remains silent, he is with Allah. So he is by Allah, for Allah and with Allah.' So the sheikhs cried and said, 'There is nothing that can be added to this. May Allah rectify you, O Taj Al-a arifarn (crown of those who know Allah)!'"