Loving Allaah's Creatures


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From elephants so big and strong
To tiny ants so small!
From birds that fly to fish that swim
Allaah made them all!

He made the lions in the jungle
And the frogs that leap
He made the little worms that wriggle!
And the woolly sheep!

He made the rabbits soft and fluffy
And monkeys in the trees
He made the dolphins in the water
And the buzzing bees.

Allaah made each animal
The birds and insects too
He made every living thing
With special jobs to do!

We get warm milk from Allaah’s cow
And wool from Allaah’s sheep
So from them we get clothes to wear
And drinks and food to eat!

“Thank You Allaah for Your creatures
Birds and insects too”
So let’s all love each one of them
They’re helping me and you!



ALLAH is in my heart
yeh true we shud thancks ALLAH for so many blessings.oh ALLAH thanck you.n jazakallahum khair for sharing.