Serious make dua :::::: jazakallah khair


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As-salamu alaykum brothers & sisters

make dua for this brother who is from Bangladesh, who is in coma for last 3 years, in toronto st micheal hospital.
and his family has no family members to support or help.

please make dua, that he heal from coma, May ALLAH (SWT) recover from coma and give shifa (good health)

make ALLAH (SWT) have mercy on him and his family and guide them.


Make dua for those who are sick around the world.

and guide us all Allah (SWT).

jazakallah khair


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Wa Alikum assalam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.
May Allah swt heal this brother and heal all sick around the world.
Keep us safe and accept us for his worship more. Ameen.

Any way Brother (unbreak) who is this brother???
You know i'm a Bangladeshi too.