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Knowledge is Power.
His speeches were so meanful and inspirational, he was a true believer, he believed
not in just people's rights but in allah's laws and in stengthening the Ummah.

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Malcolm X "we didn't land on the stone, the stone landed on us"

Malcolm little or well known as Malcolm X was a revolutionist for the legal right of the African Americans. Mostly people refer to him as an aggressive and violent fellow, which contradicts with the reason for his conversion to Islam. I believe what people miss out in studying Malcolm is that he was a great personality regardless his religious believes, though Islam made him confident. After converting to Islam he found a true meaning of living humanly and his right not as a black, Muslim, preacher or revolutionist but a human being, long time after he had lost all that due to the ignorance of his high school professor. Common sense justifies his aggressive or violent act of embracing freedom. The theory simply is that if you are sad you look sad and if you are happy then you look happy and if mad at some one then you talk to him the same way and if you are discriminated against then you would react the same way. Him being violent is nothing short of this fact that his condition required him to act so. We believe that Jr. Martine Luther King and Bob Maly fought this battle differently, but if it wasn't for Malcolm's early distinctive approach to the issue these two later activists would not have been able to get it done either. In conclusion Malcolm X's idea of educating oneself before criticizing others, love of freedom and legal reason to fight for right made him believe and embrace Islam. May Allah bless his soul.

If you examine 1950s America carefully from the US Media, it shows that until the appearance of the Nation of Islam in 1959-60 that the image of the Civil Rights movement was very tainted in the minds of the mainstream American. Up until then white liberals, numerous politicians and even state legislators and judges in the north thought Martin Luther King and his colleagues were extremists and should be jailed. When the Nation of Islam was brought to their attention as the alternative black organisation, those who had previously demonised the integrationists now championed them.

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The Nation of Islam Exposed

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please visit this site to know the truth about these guys belonging to Nation Of Islam :astag:

The Nation of Islam Exposed

By. A. I. Palmer (Society for Adherence to the Sunnah)

Louis Gene Walcott Farrakhan is not a Muslim, nor is his doctrine Islam. Farrakhan is the leader of a black racist cult called "the Nation of Islam," (NOI) founded in Detroit, Michigan in the 1930's. While the group calls its followers Muslims, in reality, they have very little to do with the faith of Islam. Islam believes in the total transcendance of almighty God (called in Arabic, Allaah), the NOI teaches that black people are angelic gods. Islam maintains universal brotherhood, the NOI says that Islam is for blacks only. Islam teaches that prophethood ended with Muhammad ibn Abdullah, more than 1400 years ago. The NOI teaches that Farrakhan's teacher, Elijah Muhammad, is the last prophet. Islam teaches principles of spiritual and moral decorum such prayer, fasting, charity, pilgimage, etc., Elijah Muhammad cast these out or altered them beyond recognition.

Yet, it is an error to oversimplify the issue by denouncing Farrakhan's racist diatribes while playing down Farrakhan's God-is-a-man and Prophet-after-Muhammad beliefs. Racism has very little to do with the issue. Sure, racism is contrary to Islamic principles and Islam rejects it. However, the deviation of Elijah Muhammad and Louis Farrakhan are MUCH more serious than racism. It is the sin which Allah DOES NOT forgive. If Farrakhan would leave his man-is-god and prophet-after-Muhammad beliefs, but was still a raving racist, he would be much better off than the other way around! Let me say very clearly, that there is NO ideology on the face of this earth which could be farther from Islam than that of Louis Farrakhan. NONE!

The NOI's origins are found in

(a) two black self-improvement movements that began shortly before World War I: the "Moorish Science Temple of America," founded in 1913 by Timothy Drew, and the "Universal Negro Improvement Association," founded in 1914 by Marcus Garvey.

(b) the NOI was also shaped by a Depression-era con-man, and convicted drugdealer, Wallace Dodd Ford. Upon Ford's 1929 release from California's San Quintin Prison, he moved to Detroit to start a new life. Ford used a number of names, including Wali Farad and Master Fard and claimed to be from Mecca, Arabia. Being that Ford's parentage was a mixture of white and South Pacific Maori, he used his skin color and his prison con skills to pass himself off to blacks as a "mystic" and a "prophet" from the Middle East.

Working as a door-to-door rug salesman by day, Ford blended the ideas of Garvey and Drew along with a smattering of Islam, to form what would later become the Nation of Islam. Among his first students was an unemployed Georgia migrant worker, Elijah Poole, who Ford renamed "Elijah Muhammad." In later years, Ford disappeared and Elijah assumed leadership of the NOI which he held until his death in 1975.

Elijah developed an convoluted belief system based on ideas extracted from everything from Christanity to Masonry to Islam. He elevated Ford's status to that of the Creator of the heavens and earth, and he developed a myth which he dubbed, "Yacub's History." This racist doctrine is still maintained by Louis Farrakhan.

In brief, the doctrine states that the first humans, a race of black people, whom the NOI calls 'the Original Man,' created white people in a genetic experiment 6,000 years ago. Elijah claimed that they (the whites) would rule the world for 6,000 years and then be destroyed at the 'end of their time' by the blacks. He said that 'Judgement Day' means that at the 'end of time' the Gods (i.e., blacks) would destroy the entire white race (devils) and then establish a Paradise (nation) on this earth ruled forever by the blacks (i.e., Gods).

For a number of years, Farrakhan has managed to present himself as a champion for the oppressed masses, this also is a distortion. Like his teacher, Farrakhan has for more than 35 years engaged in hoodwinking blacks out of money in the name of black self improvement. The only self-improvement however, that has taken place has been for Farrakhan's family and their associates.

Additionally, his entire inspiration for the "Million Man March" is based on his alleged, "vision of being swept into a UFO that took him to a larger mothership." While in the UFO, he claims to have spoken to the late Elijah Muhammad before being beamed back to earth. (The Washington Post, Sept. 18, 1995, p. D3).

What many do not realize, is that Farrakhan has repeated this doctrine for more than 35 years! Indeed, Farrakhan's UFO "vision" is an inseparable, doctrinal link to the heretical claims of Elijah Muhammad. Elijah explained that blacks were originally, "moon people" and that the UFO "mother wheel" was piloted by 13 youths who perpetually orbited the earth, waiting to unleash global destruction on whites, while rescuing all blacks. Farrakhan to this day, teaches this same doctrine- his inspiration for the Million Man March. The Million Man March in fact, was planned with the following goals in mind:

(a) To hold it in Washington, and aim for a turnout of one million, so as to surpass the number of attendees at Martin Luther King's 1963 March on Washington, and thereafter be promoted as being greater than Dr. King and Malcolm X.

(b) By being mentioned in the same context with Dr. King, Farrakhan hopes to be remembered likewise as a charismatic, messianic black figure who commands a large and politically significant following among US blacks.

(c) To remove the cloud of suspicion which still surrounds Farrakhan regarding his involvement in Malcolm X's assassination.

(d) Most importantly, Farrakhan has to find a new way to pay for his and his family's ornate palaces in Chicago and Phoenix, his Lexus, Mercedes, Rolls Royce and Lincoln Town Cars, a Mexican villa, a new 77-acre Michigan estate and over $1.5 million dollars in unpaid back taxes. This is the reason he had an $11 registration fee, a $3.99 per minute 900 number for call-in registration (Average call is three minutes), a $700 vendor's fee, (reduced from $1000), and even ads in his newspaper soliciting for "donations" to "help defray the astronomical costs of the march," in exchange for listing the donor's name and city under appropriate categories (Platinum, Gold, etc.): $1000 or more (Platinum), $500 or more (Gold), $100 or more (Silver), $25 or more (Patron) not to mention $2 "special issues" of his 'Final Call' newspaper. Louis. A true high-tech con-man. You want to see Louie's real vison?: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

It is thus impossible for anyone to try to make a distinction between Farrakhan and his UFO inspiration, or "endorse the goals of the march without endorsing Farrakhan," or say that Farrakhan is greater than Malcolm X. Malcolm's greatness was as a result of his renouncement of Elijah's false teachings, and his acceptance of true Islam, factors which Farrakhan has yet to achieve.

A. Idris Palmer

Jazakallah Khayrun brother for the information. If I can add a few more details to the above, it may shed some more insights into the Nation of Islam and how they differ with Islam in general. I use as my sources the following books written by Elijah Muhammad, the 'prophet' of the Nation of Islam.

While Islam teaches that Allah is unique in every way, the Nation of Islam says Wallace Fard Muhammad was a half white half black man born on February 26th 1877 and was born of two parents, a black father and a white mother.

While Islam teaches that Salah is a article of faith and second only to testifying in believing in Allah, Elijah says in some of his books, 'separation is better than prayer'.

While it is compulsory for Muslims to fast the whole month in Ramadan, Elijah in his book, 'How to Eat to Live' wrote against it and said he was baffled why Muslims did so. He asked his followers to fast instead in December and not in Ramadan. Today, this practice has since been abandoned and followers of the nation also fast in Ramadan, but it remains written in the in books to not fast in Ramadan.

While Islam says that the Qur'an is the final revelation from Allah, Elijah claimed in his books one scripture was greater which he was expecting to receive [but never did] was the seal of revelation.

Islam states that Allah created the universe without support or assistance from anyone and there has never been anyone like him. Elijah maintained that the creator of the universe [another god] no longer exists and that every 25, 000 years a new god appears.

The white devil doctrine is that one of the gods [Mr Yakub] created a bleached out race after experimentation with earlier races and although he himself died aged 152 his followers continued the work and produced the strange race centuries later. At least three Prophets were sent to them, Moses, Jesus and the Prophet Muhammad; the first two Prophets were sent to reform them directly while the Prophet Muhammad was sent to fight and struggle against them. Elijah also accuses Prophet Adam of being the first crook of mankind, Prophet Moses of being a murderer, Prophet Jesus of being a failure and Prophet Muhammad of possessing a weak heart.

The 'Mothership' to which original article refers to is mentioned in Elijah's books as 'the mother plane' and is likened to a UFO and Ezekial's vision of the wheel in the old Testament. It is also the one which would destroy the earth and rescue the believers and transport them to safer ground. After Elijah's death it was and still is suggested that it took him in body and soul alive and returned him to his master where hen is resident to this day awaiting the Day of destruction where he will participate.

The Mothership became important again in 1985-6, ten years after Elijah's death with the announcement that in a vision Louis Farrakhan, the second successor to Elijah [the first had been Elijah's son, Wallace] had met with [but not seen] Elijah briefly who told him the US 'is making war on Libya' and then disappeared. Other visions have surfaced from time to time since then.

In Islam the Day of Judgement is the day all things will come to and end and everyone will be judged separately and then be placed either in the Kingdom of Heaven or Hell. The nation's belief is that the Day of Judgement started in 1914 and will continue until the world ends. 1914 is the last day because it represents the end of the 6, 000 year rule of the white race and the destruction will start first in the USA, the most hated country in God's eyes.

The Million Man March in 1995 that is alluded to in the article was monumental, but not in what it intended. It was the largest gathering of Americans ever, but still less than the 1 million the title anticipated and expected [it was in fact 500, 000], the Nation boasts it exceeded two million that day. The other notable feature included a male only invitation [all women were excluded and barred from attending].

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It's wonderful to see historical people change to the right path. But at the very first minut of the video, it mentioned that Malcom was following orthodoks-islam. is that even a religion? i only know islam for it self and orthodoks for it self. but i have never heared of orthodoks-islam.

In reality there is no such thing as 'Orthodox Islam', but the term is presented by Non Muslims to show how Islam can be branded together with organisations like the Nation of Islam and displayed as different only in minor respects, hence Muslims who believe in the Prophet Muhammad are 'Orthodox Muslims' [Orthodox meaning 'pure' or 'fundamentalist, true, real and original] and the nation as 'Black Muslims' but both are as authentic as they get.

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I think often of Malcolm X. My father (who is not Muslim) once told me that he was much more affected during the civil rights movement by the example of Malcom X than that of Martin Luther King Jr. He found that the message from Dr. King was constant and did not change, whereas the message from Malcom was constantly changing, always evolving into something better, and by this change he was bringing people with him.

It is possible Malcom was killed by the CIA, but it is certainly also entirely possible he was killed by the people who had surrounded him in the Nation of Islam. To me it is irrelevant. Ultimately, Allah is the witness and watcher of those who committed the crime, and they will not escape from Allah.

Consider the 4 scholars(madhabs), and the environment they grew up in. All of them were Islamic reformers, and they endured difficult and dangerous times as they tried to call the people back to Islam. Their lives were threatened, they were attacked and even thrown into prison by their own people, the muslims. Fortunately for us, they were all eventually successful in effecting reform and we now know them as some of the most impressive scholars in Islamic history.

[9.32] They desire to put out the light of Allah with their mouths, and Allah will not consent save to perfect His light, though the unbelievers are averse.

This always happens when a person comes along speaking the truth and extending the light of Allah into the world. The first reaction of the people is to try to put out that light! It can be a scary thing when you have to respond to people who are seeking to permanently extinguish that light. Imagine Malcom's last days, and the courage it took to see it through . . . ultimately we must Fear Allah more than we fear some person who might try to take our own lives. After all, it is to Allah we will return, it is Allah who rewards and punishes for what we have done with our lives on earth.

I am constantly reminded of the video (I am not sure if the one posted on this site has the clip) that shows Malcom X's funeral. My husband and I were both deeply moved when we witnessed the water that was gushing into his grave. What a blessing! May we all be so fortunate to have a merciful destination such as that.

[7.170] And (as for) those who hold fast by the Book and keep up prayer, surely We do not waste the reward of the right doers.

[3.195] So their Lord accepted their prayer: That I will not waste the work of a worker among you, whether male or female, the one of you being from the other; they, therefore, who fled and were turned out of their homes and persecuted in My way and who fought and were slain, I will most certainly cover their evil deeds, and I will most certainly make them enter gardens beneath which rivers flow; a reward from Allah, and with Allah is yet better reward.


Jazakallah Khayrun for your comments. You will find that both Martin Luther King and Malcolm's philosophy changed over times, although the latter was more open to new and different perspectives and welcomed criticism and dialogue as well. Martin Luther King was at first content to deal only with Civil rights issues and remained out of mainstream politics.

He also believed in the existing power structure, the 'American dream' and the greatness of the US and accepted his country's revisionist history about its past and legacy. His personal opinions on larger political aspects outside of Civil rights were private and restricted to friends, family and associates.

While he did not fully endorse the US view of its own historical role as the great benefactor and 'big brother' to other nations, he viewed its former presidents with the same admiration and respect as white Americans and believed he could work with other whites despite their misgivings and individual differences with the larger cause of full integration [many whites welcomed some unity between the two races but not total acceptance].

It was not until 1965 after the death of Kennedy and the escalation in the Vietnam War, did King decide to become more open with his 'national dreams' as opposed to regional integration within southern states where he lived and worked.

Later still he ventured north after Malcolm's death where integration theoretically existed but segregation was practiced in other ways and while black people had the rights to 'buy and be served' in bars, restaurants, cafes, hotels and other public facilities, they lacked the purchasing power to achieve it and the government wasn't interested in rectifying the situation; it was more interested in killing Vietnamese people in their own country and drafting the same black people with no money and recognition as 'people' in the US to do it for them in Vietnam thousands of miles away and return with empty pockets and nothing different when it was all over.

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assalam alikum

assalam alikum guys please state something very carefully may allah reward malcolm x for his honest duty allhumudliah but people dont bleave thease clips of what people upload becouse media do not tell truth about our true ummah right

please carefully watch this viedo again at the time 18:17 the news or media states his house was bombed with his wife in it who was pregnant at time with his 4 doughter and malcolm at home to alhumudliah? now watch it where it start at 18:50

now listen to the 2 ladys beein intervied by the media now listen to the lies come out of the women this is fix media where the women state to be malcom wife what a lie? she state she had 3 kids hang on a miniute at time 18:17 didnt they say when house was bombed there was 4 kids and malcolm and his pregant wife

but this women in this clip says 3 kids and u see her eye wonderin around man lie lie lie lie lie power fixin this is media for u also the other thing is have u ever seen a true leader like malcolm wifes beein explorer like the way this women is erm noooo well not in my entire age ive not seen

so people please see and let me no what do u think jazakallah khir

When Brother Malcolm was assassinated, his wife was indeed pregnant and she gave birth to twin daughters after his death. They were Malaak and Malikah. They were the only ones among his children who never saw their father alive. In total then, he had six daughters and no sons. I can't say anything about the video clips here, but I will add his wife said after his death that they had both believed the seventh child would be a boy. Allah knows best.

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The word "orthodox" in this sense means "adhering to the accepted or traditional and established faith, especially in religion". In other words, Malik el Shabazz (Malcolm X) gave up the fake and fabricated Nation of Islam for the true orthodox aka Sunni Islam.

Be very careful of your accusations here, brother - white America had nothing to do with the assassination of our brother Malik. He was killed by the Nation of Islam (who would only allow blacks into their number). Most "American Christian" as you call them only saw his earlier days when he was violently anti-White. He changed his life and the Muslim world saw that, but most of the rest of America by this time didn't know the difference between Nation of Islam and true Islam. And most of the Muslim world still doesn't (go on YouTube and see Snoop Dogg's video about coverting to "Islam", and you will see brothers from all over the Muslim world saying "Allahu Akbar!" and "Welcome to Islam!" being totally CLUELESS that this man has nothing to do with Islam - he's in the NOI, the Nation of Kafir).

While 'White America' as a mainstream society may not have killed Brother Malcolm, the same issue of 'innocence' cannot be said of the CIA, the FBI and the US federal government in general. Declassified documents showed the Johnson administration with the assistance of the FBI escalated and engineered the growing hostility between Malcolm and the Nation. They did this by fabricating newspaper reports about the intentions of both and at other times authored statements that the press said they traced to either party.

The Nation did not possess the enormous finances to sabotage Malcolm's efforts whenever he travelled abroad, nor did they have the required number of men to follow him who knew the various languages of the countries he visited. The refusal by the De Gaulle government to allow Malcolm into France some weeks before his death, highlights the power of the US abroad (especially as he made the trip only two weeks earlier without incident). The Nation did not have that kind of lobbying influence, wealth or political power to make the French force Malcolm to return to the US as soon as he landed on French soil. Similarly, the late American attorney, William Kunstler, a CIA agent of the time admitted before his own death the Central Intelligence Agency's overwhelming presence in destabilising Malcolm's efforts across the world and in ending his life before he achieved his goals.