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revert of many years
ifound this very touching..we put too much emphasis on how our future partner should be and then on how the marriage will be ,but whats really most important

Marriage: Encouragement from a Brother
By Iftikhar, Featured at the website of the MSA of University of Houston
When I started looking for a wife, my only intention was to find a muslim woman who could help me become a better Muslim. After praying to Allah many times, I came to know that a Muslim brother in my area had an unwed sister. I was told that she was 7 years older than I was, had no college education, and had minor health problems. Despite this, I arranged for a meeting to discuss the possibility of marriage. When I met her, I was impressed by her modesty (she wore a real hijab that covered everything but her face). She was not attractive, nor was she rich. However, at the conclusion of our meeting, I felt comfortable with the fact that she was what I was looking for. After praying Istikhara, I felt confident that she was right for me.
Our nickaah was performed only a few weeks later.

Oh yeah, this was a Muslim wedding - the kind where the men separated from the women, we didn't have disco music or belly dancers or any other kind of kuffar stuff. There might have been one brother who was NOT wearing Sunnah. We spent most of the time praying, praising Allah, discussing what a great blessing the responsibility of marriage was, etc. I think the total cost of the wedding might have been around $20.00 US (we held it in my brother-in-law's apartment). I had the time of my life!!!

Despite the fact that she is very stubborn and argumentative, she is one of the best Muslim women a man could ask for. And I am NOT talking about the way she wakes me up in the middle of the night for tahajjud, the way she covers her face in public, the way she investigates every action that I do, the way she will stop talking to me if I don't read the Quran or go to the masjid every day. I am talking about her fear of Allah and love for the prophet Muhammed (SWAS).

Not bad for a woman some people called ugly, who has no college education or money.

I wouldn't trade this woman for anything in the world.

Many times when the discussion of marriage arises, I will hear one brother after another talking about how beautiful and educated they want their dream wives to be. Others will talk of love or family/racial pride.

Fools... (with all due respect)

In case some of you are confused as to why I am mentioning all of this let me tell you what I know (straight up)...


Now, Marry a woman for whatever reason you want.......

My dua' is with you all. Salamu Alaikum

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He is Dhul-Jalali Wal-Ikram
salam aleikum wa rahmatulahy wa barakatuh,

This advice is nice, shokran.

May Allah guide all unmarried muslims to a good partner, pious and loved by Allah swt, ameen. And for the married ones, inchallah to be strong togheter, on the path to the Hearafter, inchallah




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What a lucky man, I pray that I end up with such a wife and i pray for all the single Muslims too...

Thanks sister for sharing, May Allah reward you... and increase your piousness.

Aisya al-Humaira

الحمدلله على كل حال

I believe the brother is one pious man as well as his one main intention was to find a wife who could help him becoming better in his deen without emphasizing too much on the temporary, physical beauty [which includes wealth].

Let's struggle even more to become a pious slave to Allaah. Then. . . inshaAllaah He Subhaanahu wa Ta'ala will send the right person for you. Just the right person.



ربنا اغفر لنا ذنوبنا
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$20!? Woah...I honestly hope this is a true story! Because Allaah is my witness, i've never heard of such a wedding like this..! Even the simplest(*Islaamic) wedding i've heard of costs a little over $500, Subhaanallah!

*There's still music although it is reffered to as a 'simple, Islaamic marriage'.

May Allaah bless the brother and his wife(if this actually did happen)!

Jazaa'killaahu khayr, ukht, for sharing!

Salaam `alaikum warahmatullaah!


As salam 'alaykum warahamtu-llah

BarakAllahu feekum sister for sharing with us, subhan Allah

I'd like to share some videos regarding marriage




Assalaam walaikum,

Not, at all. ( pot luck sister...pot luck)

May Allah grant this couple children and success.



Subhan-Allah... Allah swt bless the couple abundantly in both the worlds Ameen

JazaaKallahu Khairan ukhti for sharing ..
Its a pleasure to know there are Muslims with such strong Imaan...Allah swt guide us too & strenghthen our Imaan Ameen..