Masters (MSc.) in Management at the UK Universities

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    Salaam All,

    I am planning to go to the UK (from India) for my post-graduate studies in Business Management. I had applied to 11 Universities :lol:; Got Unconditional acceptance from 3 Unis (Subhan-Allah!). 8 Universities freezed their decisions for a time being due to the Christmas-cum New yr eve...Hoping to receive the decisions soon from them.

    Allah willing, I will get a job and will have a good career ahead...I am not worried regarding view is that all I need to do is that keep my Iman strong and do honestly what I need to do; rest Allah will take care of.

    Now that UK is an alien country to me, I am kinda wish to receive some basic inputs regarding the safety in the campus to a muslim student like me.

    Can some one from UK provide some inputs regarding the following University campuses viz. muslim student population, native muslim community, location of mosques and universities' overall atitude to the muslim students ?

    The universities in questions are:

    Cranfield University (Bedfordshire)
    Manchester University
    Lancaster University


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