Maybe You're thinking to me


I'm not what you believe

I just close my eyes
and I rejoice at the warmth of Your words.
For every step I've made,I've been thinking to You...
You Who gave me the breath,
You Who'll lead me to death...
I've been paying my duties
but I'm feeling so guilty.
I ask for Your pity,
please listen to me!
I'm not good to supplicate,
'cause when I pray
I feel like I've nothing to say.
And now it's You that I pray;
give me Your blessings,oh my Lord.
I'm falling into the sin;
if You're punishing me in some way,
tell me how to achieve You.
I just feel good in my silence,
sailing through the waves
of my coloured thoughs,
while I'm thinking to You,
maybe You're thinking to me...