As Salamu Alekum dear brothers and sisters

Well, this's me introducing myself..
Although already late, but introducing late is better than not to introduce at all, right? :D:D:D

Here, My name is Muhammad, I'm about 26 yrs old, Egyptian living in Cairo
I'm a freshly graduated doctor, currently preparing for DES exam, which'll be held next september in chaa' Allah, so please make lots of Dua'a for me please.
I'm a born-muslim alhamdullah, I was practicing since very early (Salat, fasting, etc...) but without knowledge, yet started being knowledgable just 4 years ago, and I ask Allah (subhanaho Wata'ala) to give me strength and power to continue in his path in chaa' Allah, and that I can be helpful for my fellow brothers and sisters all over the world.

Well, that's all I guess
Nice to meet ya all here, and I wish we can all meet at the doors of the jannah in chaa' Allah

May Allah Subhanaho Wata'ala accept all your efforts and reward ya all the best for it, and may He guide us all to what pleases Him and that's righteous..

Wasalmo Alekum Warhmato Allah



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Wa alaikum assalam

Welcome to TTI, Inshallah you will find your time spent here beneficial. :)


speak good or silent
waalaikumussalam warahmatullahi wabarakatu,...may you get many useful things from here.
by the way i'm also a new member...:)
may Allah meet us all in the jannah.amin.