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Abdul Hasib

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Assalamu Aleykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakaathuh dear brothers and sisters. May this post find you all in the best state of health and Iman, Ameen. *sigh* It's been 5 years since I first joined TTI, and Subhanallah, things have changed. When I first joined TTI, I was around 12 years old. A little boy, someone who liked ranting alot and who wanted to be upon the Deen. Now, I'm 17 years and I've changed from that time. Alhamdulillah, I've become more mature, and I understand that I have a responsibility to Allah (SWT), to his Deen, and to this Ummah.

Anyway (this message goes to those brothers and sisters who I've known/talked to for years): I found out a few days ago that I'm suffer from an anxiety disorder. It's not that I'm crazy or mental, but it's just that I often feel stressed/upset about life and due to that, I end up becoming quiet and not wanting to talk to others around me (like my brothers/sisters on TTI, and the brothers that I know around me), and that's why weeks/months would pass but I would not log into TTI or reply to a message that a brother/sister would send me: it's because I feel too stressed out, sad, emotional, and upset (and it all comes from my anxiety).

And for that, I just wanted to say Sorry. Sorry dear brothers and sisters, that I wasn't able to be a good little brother to you all. The love that I feel in my heart for you guys is such that I can't explain it in words, nor can I express that love to you guys (and many times, my heart cries whenever I remember the great times that I've had over here).

But I hope that Allah (SWT) will accept all the duas that I make for you guys (for the Duniyah and Akirah) and Inshallah, we will all die with Iman and I'll be able to see all of you under the Shade of Allah (SWT)'s Arsh on Yawmul-Qiyamah, and, Inshallah, I'll be able to see that joy in your faces when I see all of you in Jannah, which will be the coolness of my eyes and my heart.

-Your little brother, Abdul Hasib al Hasn

Noor El-Huda

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Couldn't help but comment on such a sincere message eventhough I'm recent here. May Allah give you good health, and keep you steadfast Ameen youn brother!


Happy beautiful 5 years with TTI.



Time never wait...
Life is short...
Strive for the best in this world(dunya) and after(akhirah).

~May Allah swt help and guide you~Amin!

All the Best
for your future~Amin!

Take care!
~Wassalam :)

sabina isa

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Our ummah is blessed to have such souls growing in our family. I am happy to have such a little brother. May Allah swt help through anxiety and may you enjoy the best times of life. It actually is the age of least true worries. Enjoy these mood spoilers - I would call it, for one day will make you feel important within yourself.:hijabi:

We salam


Islam is a way of life
I have an anxiety problem too, over any little thing.

Brother i doubt anyone has ever held anything against you here, but thank you for opening up to us. May you be rewarded for trying to correct any wrongs you may have said or done, insha allah. Your brothers & sisters are always here for you.


Assalaam walaikum,

You have always been one of my sons, here. You have been nothing but kind and respectful to me. I recall one post where I demanded that you shut off your computer and go to bed and get some rest. That's how far we go back.

I have seen you mature from a boy to a pious young man and it brings a smile to my heart.

InshaAllah, we will make dua for you as well. Your honesty and sincerity are so welcomed. And your love for knowledge is rewarding for others as well.

I'll bake you a batch of cookies so you can munch while you respond to posts on TTI,

my love,
your aapa.


:salam2: Abdul Hasib,

Well you know you've always been like a little brother to me and I hope you know how much we all want the best for you. I always figured you were off studying hifz but I also recall you mentioning high school stress. Anyway, it's not so uncommon to have an anxiety disorder. You would be shocked at all the anxiety-related problems I've had but nonetheless at your age, it's extremely difficult.

I'm not worried about you. You're one of the strongest teens I know and I have full confidence that Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala will give you the strength to get through this. But try to still visit us every now and then. Hopefully we can somehow give you comfort.

Thank you for remembering us and know that we're here for you if you ever need anything. I'm definitely proud of you for all your accomplishments thus so far as well as for the awesome young man you're becoming.

Take care, chote bhai :) Don't forget about us.


I'm not what you believe
sister Aapa,you write like if you knew everyone here on Tti!do you really feel like the mother of him?can you be also my mother??A big hug!:hearts:

Abdul Hasib

Student of Knowledge

Assalamu Aleykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakaathuh sisters and Unti (Aapa).:)

Subhanallah, I'm suprised to see so many replies in under one day :) I thought everyone would've been too busy (with thier life) to even read (let alone reply) to this post of mine. :) I'm just happy that all of you were able to read my post and understand why I've been absent for such long amounts of time.

Many people say that "when a man/male feels worried about something (or if a man feels stress, sadness, etc.) then (in order to get the feeling/problem off his mind) he has to either be alone to think about a way to get out of his problem (or so that the feeling goes away), or (if that doesn't work) he has to talk to someone about it (not so that he can hear suggestions, etc. but so that he can feel the burden get off his shoulders). " And I guess that's why I've always been staying alone (from others) for long amounts of time.

But by listening to recitaions of the Quran, contemplating (and working for) the Akirah, and keeping my mind on remembering Allah (SWT), Alhamdulillah, I'm able to feel at ease. And I understand that this issue of mines (my anxiety that I have) is something that Allah (SWT) gave to me (and even though I felt heartbroken and upset when I found this out last week), I've accepted this as being from Allah (SWT)'s Mercy and Blessing on me.

Because I think that feeling stressed out and upset (from my anxiety) led my heart staying soft and feeble (to such extents that I can easily get teary or feel sympathy for those who are unfortunate) instead of being cold and hard (which would have made me be like those people who are arrogant or who are self-righteous). :)

And since I spent hours posting up messages on TTI (as soon as I come home from my Madrassah), I'm going to be off of TTI for a few more weeks (until I COMPLETELY finish memorzing the remaining 80 pages that I have left), so that I don't get distracted from my studies (which will lead me to having to spend ANOTHER 2-5 months finishing my Hifz/preparing for my upcoming exam).

And before I leave (because I have to study right now), I just wanted to thank all of you (sisters and unti) for the kind replies, because by Allah (SWT), it really touched me that you guys care so much about me. :) I just hope that one day (Inshallah Ta Alla) Allah (SWT) blesses me with righteousness. Righteousness which causes the hearts of the Mumineen to soften and remember the Hereafter and Allah (SWT) just by looking at me/thinking about me, and hopefully, my actions, character, speech, and appearance will encourage others to follow the way of Rasulallah (SAW) (just like how it would cause people to accept Islam when they witnessed the actions, character, speech, and appearance of the Sahaba (RA) and the other Salaf as Salih). :)

Again, Jazakunnallahu Kyran wa Baarakallahu Feekun sisters (and Unti Aapa) for all the family love, I feel so blessed to have family members like you guys. :) [click here]